Female YouTubers You Should Be Following

YouTube is such a varying media platform. From music, instructional videos, funny cat videos, and videos that frankly we have no idea why or what they are, it is certainly an odd place. But some people have made a real career out of YouTube, and create quality content that is hard to pass up. We made a list of our favourite female YouTubers you need to be following right now.

1. Erin May Henry

Erin, who runs not only this YouTube channel, but a podcast to go along with it, has created a very successful YouTube channel, and now teaches other women on creating YouTube channels and brands through her BossTube course. For everything business and branding - she is your girl!

2. Sam Ozkural

Sam Ozkural is the American Erin May Henry! She has a whole YouTube dedicated to women being their best self, and there is an endless list of topics that she can help with, whether it be business or self care.

3. Carrie Hope Fletcher

Sister of McFly artist Tom Fletcher, Carrie has being on YouTube for a very long time - playing songs of her own and covers, and posting Vlogs of her daily life as she accomplished many things musically and personally. She has a loyal following, and is an honest and down to earth young woman you are sure to adore!

4. Zoella

You probably know Zoella, as she has created not just a business, but a complete brand around her name and YouTube channel. From beauty products, homewares, a book, she has quite literally done it all. The likeable brit posts mostly beauty tutorials and reviews, but also posts vlogs with her partner.

5. GirlCEO

My personal favourite video on starting a YouTube channel on a budget! Natasha speaks on a variety of topics, but there is no surprise this is her most popular video - she covers it all!

Who is your favourite female YouTuber? Let us know!

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