5 Women To Follow On Instagram To Inspire Your Business

business women to follow on instagram

If you're anything like most, you spend a good chunk of your time on social media, and it can definitely hinder your work goals for the day. Whether for work or for personal use, you can turn that seemingly loss of productivity into inspiration by following women who are killing it in business. These 5 women are my top picks to follow right now to get you motivated!

Canna Campbell - @sugarmammatv

Author of the ever so popular '$1000 Project' - this business woman has created a name for herself through blogging money hacks, and then through her social media and YouTube channels, talking about living a frugal and minimalist lifestyle in all facets of life, including business. For some solid life and financial advice, she is the one to follow!

Tracy - @mumswithhustle

Tracy is a social media genius - in fact, her whole business is centred around helping women achieve their goals on Instagram in particular. She runs a podcast, network meet ups, and delivers a whole host of information and advice daily through her social media. Her Instagram is curated perfectly but she is always real and honest. Check her out if you want to get your Instagram in order!

Erika Cramer - @thequeenofconfidence

The Queen Of Confidence, Erika Cramer, lives up to her name! Her Instagram is full of real talks, real hustle and no bullshit straight up advice. She is a public speaker as well as running a podcast, whilst also running a coaching business. She is all about empowerment - but also getting to the nitty gritty hard talk of business. She does not sugar coat, but she will make you want to pursue all your dreams and more!

Laura Henshaw - @laura.henshaw

Laura is an influencer, but also so much more. Laura is co-founder of business Keep It Cleaner, which is an app and program for clean and healthy living. She has graced front pages of magazines, written a book, and also studies law in her free time(!) For a dose of inspiration and 'I can really do it all', this is the Instagram you need to turn to!

Amy - @confetti_rebels

Confetti Rebels is a brand concocted by the hilarious and truly individual Amy, whose stories are always there to make you smile. Amy creates the most fabulous feminist and mother inspired clothing, but she also talks about the real life of business and running a household, while also keeping a light hearted and happy approach to everything. For when you're having a bad day in small biz, Amy will be there to cheer you up!


Who are your favurite small biz ladies on Instagram? Let us know!

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