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Business magazines come in a range of styles and formats, but what about business magazines made for entrepreneurial women? Expand your mind with a subscription to a business magazine especially geared to women. If you’re looking for an entrepreneur magazine that has a flair for talking to women, whilst providing all the best business tips and tricks, interviews, and solid support, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you prefer to sit down and read a physical copy of a magazine or love the on-the-go readiness of a digital subscription, there is a magazine out there fit perfectly for your entrepreneur style.

Here are the top business magazines for business-women to get your hands on now.

Online Magazines For Women

Women entrepreneurs are g-dang busy these days – so we understand the need for a magazine that can travel in your pocket. These are the very best online and digital magazines for women in business.

  1. Girl Boss Mag

Ok, we couldn’t pass the opportunity to put our very own magazine at the top of this list. We are proud as punch of what we’ve created, after all. Girl Boss Mag is the leading magazine for women in business in Australia, offering support, inspiration and education, all in the one magazine. Interviews with leading women in business, actionable tips, support, and your business questions are answered. Pick up a print copy or download our digital edition.

  1. Inc.

Practical advice and tools for business owners are just what you’ll find here. Although not directed to women, there have been some stellar interviews and cover feature women in recent issues, such as Jen Rubio, a fantastic business-woman with much insight into the business world. Their articles are always worth the read, and as an Australian, picking up a digital copy is the budget-friendly option.

  1. Orenda Mag

Intersectional feminism is the theme behind this online and print magazine. Labelled as ‘forward-thinking, go-getting, eclectic and kick ass’ – and we quite happen to agree! This independent magazine for women isn’t quite business focused, but it sure does open dialect about a range of topics such as chronic pain in the workforce, the Melbourne Women In Film Festival, and plenty more open and honest chats.

Print Magazines For Women

Like to hold your magazine in your hands and flick through the pages? Even though it seems like the world has gone digital, there is something still great about relaxing with a magazine. Take inspiration and education from these top picks of print magazines for women in business.

  1. Latte

Whilst Latte is for Business Chicks members only, it deserves a special mention in our round up of print magazines. This magazine, completely made up of interviews of super inspiring women of note, and members from the Business Chicks community, is a quarterly gift to members, and a great read for some small biz inspo.

  1. Oak Magazine

This regional based magazine is more than helping women in business get their voice out, this Australian magazine focuses on the country aspect of women in business, who have ventured outside the city to find their life and work. Regional Australia is celebrated in this mag, and is perfect for women that don’t quite fit into the city business life either.

  1. Y Mag

You can find this beauty on newsstands across Australia, and there’s no secret why. Dedicated to the Gen X crowd of women in business who want to sit down and divulge with a cuppa and some good old business inspiration and education. There are stories from women, tips for business and personal life, and plenty more in these pages.

The Best Business Magazines

Just looking for a great business magazine, regardless of gender specifics? Business based magazines that pack a lot of punch are the exact thing you’ll find below.

  1. Entrepreneur Magazine

Possibly one of the best known magazines for business owners, it’s a star favourite for a reason. Entrepreneur magazine covers it all – from the very start of opening your own business, to the gritty topics like taxes and marketing. There is an Asia Pacific version of this mag, making it relevant to Australian business owners.

  1. Money Magazine

Whilst a personal finance magazine, a lot of the tips and articles within this magazine can definitely be converted to business life. Also, you’ve probably heard of the Money Magazine awards, which takes your credibility and trust from customers to a new level. The ‘Best of the Best’ every year is very coveted and if you’re in the finance industry, you will want to be on that list.

  1. Magazine In Your Niche

Subscribing to a few magazines in your targeted niche is a great idea. Find out what content your ideal customer is consuming, what the latest trends and information in your niche is, and also check out what the competition is up to. You may even find this is the perfect platform to advertise your own business on.

Women in business don’t have to search far with our round up of the very best business magazines, both online and print. Have you subscribed to any of these magazines? Or have your own favourite magazine that you think deserves a place on this list? Let us know!

If you’re a woman in business looking for the perfect magazine for you, why not check out Girl Boss Mag and all we have to offer? Get your hands on a back copy or pre-order our 2 year anniversary issue now!

Are you an entrepreneur woman that needs a little guidance in their business? Ami Summers of Craft Coaching and Development chats about questions all entrepreneurs should be asking themselves.

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