New Years Resolutions For Women In Business

Still looking for the perfect New Years Resolution? Have your own business but not sure what your goals for the new year should be? Let us help with our top 10 favourite resolutions for 2019!

1. Stop undermining your worth

Picking a price point that you want to sell at is a tricky one. You may be a high end store or a budget option. Either way, you will always come across people who will try to low ball you for a "better deal." It's time to leave these people in 2018. Not every customer has to be your customer, and it's time to learn and practice that!

2. Stop doing things for free or for "exposure"


In the same ballpark, make 2019 your year to stop doing valuable work for free or for "exposure." Exposure never paid the bills, and if it was such a great company, with great marketing opportunities with an audience that would match yours perfectly, they would pay you appropriately. 

3. Be organised

This is a pretty common resolution, but for good reason! Get ahead this year and put some things in place that future you will be thankful for. Whether it be planning your socials a month in advance, writing out your blog posts a month in advance or just something that is as simple as having a better organisation system for receipts, make it your goal this year to do one thing that makes life a little easier for you.

4. Pay yourself first


If we all became instant millionaires when we started our business, everyone would be doing it. However, most people are not even turning a profit in their first year of business, and some are still not years down the road. A fantastic book to get you started on the right foot, or help you track better your spending and income, is Profit First. Give it a read and implement some strategies to make sure you pay yourself this year.

5. Define your niche

This is so important to your businesses but so many businesses haven't defined it yet. Figuring out who you want to sell to, who needs your products and why is such an important step and makes marketing and selling the products and services SO much easier. It can sometimes take trial and error, and a lot of time and effort, but so worth it if you want to see your business succeed.

6. Work smarter, not harder

You've probably heard this before, and it's popular because it's true! If you feel like all you do is work on your business, without getting a break, it may be time to look at your methods and techniques and figure out if there is a way that will reduce your efforts but with the same results? Is there a product or service that brings in more profit that you don't market as much as others? Take some time to look at how you can be smarter about your workload.

7. Delegate better


Or if the tedious tasks that you don't enjoy about your work (admin and taxes, anyone?) are something you want to say goodbye to this year, delegating those tasks will help you tremendously. If delegation isn't an option, what about a Virtual Assistant? Now you don't have to do the things you don't like, and get to enjoy all the great things you do enjoy in your business.

8. Network more

Meeting new women in business is a fantastic way to grow your business, but is also great at making so many new friends in a range of industries. Small business can be so lonely, so having other women around you who GET IT, is so important for mental health and sanity. MP Kickass Collective is a fab Mornington Peninsula networking group for those wanting to meet like minded women,

9. Work at work, not at home

"But I work at home?!" I hear you cry. Yes, working at home can really blur the boundaries between work and home. It is possible to establish boundariess however. But if you have set hours for work, and you still find yourself awake at 10pm checking emails, you are mixing home and work life. Make it your resolution this year to leave the emails until the work day, and be present in your home life.

10. Do what you love

Mostly, above anything else, this should be your goal this year. Yes, small business is tough, it's hard and exhausting and not for the faint of heart. But you probably started this because you truly love what you do. And if you continue to love what you do and do what you love, then that is the best thing you could achieve all year.

Have any resolutions you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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