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In a world where we can get most things at the touch of our fingertips, the print magazine is a seemingly rare and beautiful thing. But there still is a huge market for print magazines, evident by more and more cropping up around Australia. With a niche in almost everything, magazines are great for not just sourcing information, but telling and hearing stories, having some downtime to yourself and even connecting with others through the pages. Here are our favourite magazines that we are loving at the moment. 

1. Orenda

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Orenda, dubbed a forward-thinking, intersectional, eclectic and kick-ass independent magazine, this is a magazine not afraid to tackle the big issues, to discuss the topics that once were taboo, to bring light to darkened issues. And we can't get enough. Now in it's sixth issue, Orenda pushes the boundaries and gives women a platform for their voice that may not get the chance elsewhere. Plus, the artwork for each issue is amazing!

Find out more about Orenda here.

2. Oak Magazine


Oak Magazine is a magazine dedicated to the women in regional and rural NSW & Victoria making waves in business. Featuring a huge range of women in business issue all with their own challenges of living rural and owning a business. Oak Magazine is unique as it is beautiful, with wisdom, advice and solidarity within these pages, making it a hard to miss magazine.

Find out more about Oak Magazine here.

3. Mama Disrupt


After a recent very successful collaboration with the Cotton On Group, Mama Disrupt has become a huge hit amongst mums everywhere, with it featuring in almost every layout of a mum bloggers feed in Australia. Inspiring mums to be their true, authentic selves, with stories of success and hardship that motherhood can bring. It includes some very real quotes and inspiring words from women that get the journey of motherhood. It also features some great #mumbosses in each issue.

Find out more about Mama Disrupt here.

4. Girl Boss Mag

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Do we really need to tell you why we think Girl Boss Mag is so great? Other than giving a platform to women in business to share not only their advice and wisdom, but to share their struggles, their story and the true hard stuff that only other women in business really get. Girl Boss Mag has grown from its following to create a wonderful community of women supporting, inspiring and educating one another and we are truly proud and beyond grateful to be surrounded by so many talented and fearless women every day.

If you would like to subscribe to Girl Boss Mag, you can here.

5. Frankie


One of the original and one of the best, Frankie Magazine has a place in our heart as one of the first print magazines to truly start making a difference for small businesses and particularly, women in business. Featuring whats new in fashion, craft, music, travel and everything in between, Frankie not only tells stories but also creates an eclectic space for women with whom they resonate with.

You can find out more about Frankie Magazine here.

What's your favourite magazine you're reading right now?

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