Female Tattoo Artists To Do Your Next Tattoo

We really can't get enough of amazing female tattooists killing it - and after meeting so many at Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival, who can blame us?

So we put together some of our favourite female artists worthy of your next tattoo! (Or maybe just an Insta-stalk!)

• Avalon Willcocks - Beautiful Body Art


Avalon currently works at the Narre-Warren located Beautiful Body Art tattoo shop, and I have watched Avalon grow into the super talented artist she is today! I was lucky enough to be tattooed by Avalon (my first tattoo, too!)4 years ago, and I have not stopped coming back for more since!

• Emma Doddrell - No Regrets Electric Tattoo

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Currently the only female working at No Regrets in Chelsea, Victoria, Emma does a variety of tattoos while still working it in her own style - from pinup to realistic, she is a woman of measurable talent!

• Chantelle Thong - Empire Melbourne Tattoos


You might recognise Chantelle as one half of a couple who featured in Vogue Brides Australia! However Chantelle is more than a beautiful young woman with an amazing love story - she is absolutely killing it at Empire Tattoos Melbourne with black and grey realism her speciality! 

• Amy Unalome - Empire Melbourne Tattoos


Another one from Empire Tattoos Melbourne, Amy is a superstar with 'hand poked tattoos' - a style of tattoo that was used before the modern tattoo machine. Hand poking takes an immense amount of skill and patience to learn, and we can't disagree that Amy has both!

• Garage Ink Manor


This list wouldn't be complete without an all female tattoo parlour! Not only voted Queensland's best tattoo parlour by Inked Magazine, but also a regular 'celebrity tattooists', this is well worth the trip, wherever you are in the country. The studio is set in the Gold Coast hinterlands, giving you a spectacular view while you get your custom piece done!  

Do you know a female tattoo artist that does amazing tattoos? Let us know!

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