How To Relax As A Business Woman: A Chat With Tegan from Relax & Unwind

From The Young Mummy (Sophie Cachia) on social media to the influx of locals, everyone is raving about Tegan Charles and her massage therapy business Relax & Unwind. Meet our Peninsula Girl Boss taking on social media!

What made you start Relax and Unwind?
I had my son, and I wanted to change careers, I wanted to do something I
was passionate about and something that I could also do around being a mum. I did my Diploma, and then worked around having my second child, and slowly built up hours.

What can someone expect in their initial appointment?
Depending if they’re wanting relaxation or a remedial. If they’re wanting a relaxation, its usually a full body, we put some candles on, keep it nice and relaxing, and they basically just have pure bliss for an hour. They lie on their stomach and we work from the feet all the way up and then give a head massage. With the remedial, they usually have a specific area. With a lot of mums, because they carry their kids on their hip, they hold a lot of tension in their hip as well as their lower back, shoulders and neck. So we try to target that area, or the area they want.

How do you try and stand out from the crowd in the health and wellness industry?
I really care about my clients. I really love what I do and I’m really passionate about health and beauty, and I put 110% in there. I don’t feel happy until I know that they’ve had complete relaxation. I get really mad when I hear people say they had a bad massage from another place.

Do you have any relaxation tips?
Have a glass of wine. *Laughs.* No, my way to relax after a long day is just to be with my husband and kids. They are the drive and the backbone behind my business, and they get me through those long days. For me, making sure the phone’s down and we’re spending quality time together. Last week I got a remedial massage and bathe at the Peninsula Hot Springs. If I don’t look after myself, I won’t be able to look after other people.

How did it come about that you massaged Sophie Cachia (The Young Mummy)
So I sent her an email and introduced myself, and offered her a massage. So she booked in and she absolutely loved it. She didn’t have to put up anything if she didn’t love it, and she did. And since then we’ve had a big response to her post.

Have you found many difficulties in running your own business?
Motivation. It can be very tiring emotionally and physically to keep going, if you’re not putting in effort all the time, your business goes down. If you’re not doing things then it’s not going. I think that’s the biggest challenge, is that you need to constantly be on and thinking to keep it going.

Do you have an end goal for your business?
I’d love to hire more girls and focus on doing more pamper days, and then obviously I can get them to work and have some more flexibility. I just want to build it up a bit more.

Do you have any advice for women in business?
Don’t doubt yourself. If you’ve got a vision, follow it and don’t worry about what other people are doing.

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