The Life and Love of a Blogger

Liz Paganoni, the Life, Loves & Liz blogger, has become a constant in our Instagram feeds with her beautiful children and blog posts, and she doesn’t have any plans on stopping. With a firm belief in creating a positive online atmosphere, hear from one of our favourite Mornington Peninsula Girl Bosses.

How did you start getting into social media and blogging?
After I had my first two children, I would be online while they napped, and I didn’t want to bombard my friends and family on Facebook with everything I wanted to share. So, I thought I’d just start this little blog and see what happens. And I’ve seen it change dramatically from me posting DIY’s, to trying to get really focused on fashion, food and family.

Do you follow social media trends?
I will look at a trend, I’ll take a little bit, I’ll work it my way. I mean my accounts never going to be millennial pink - that’s just not me.

Tell us about the blog
I try to keep everything positive. There is enough seriousness in life without reading about it. You don’t want to be that picture-perfect person, but you don’t want to be Debbie downer all the time. I try to keep it to reality, but I don’t post pictures of the chaos of the house, because no one needs to see that. It’s a balance. I don’t put anything out there that’s fake. I might only put out the positive parts, but it is true if you’re not true to self then people aren’t going to like it. Posting something positive makes you feel a bit better.

How do your family feel about it?
My family, they’re the reason I do my blog at the end of the day. I mean, it’s for me, but it’s
to benefit them. They know it’s part of my job and they know if I do my job and they give me the time to do it, they get to do cool stuff. It’s part of our life because we all benefit from it. It’s never going to be a full time thing, but it’s always going to be there and it’s going to be my thing. That would be glorious, being an influencer that gets paid do things, but for now, we’re having fun.

Is it hard to market your blog as a business?
It is because everything that you try and go online to learn things, and it’s all about selling a product. I don’t have a product to sell, it’s just me. I can’t do an eBook about me because no one wants to buy an eBook about me.

Do you have any tips to someone wanting to start their own blog?
Time. Following other people, interacting, get out there and do things and get things
to giveaway. I think it’s just getting out there and meeting different people because you never know what some person is going to bring to your life. I started at Motto as just a bit of extra money for the family, now I’m writing their blog posts.

Tell us about Frocktober
It is the awareness and fundraising campaign for ovarian cancer. I lost my mum to ovarian
cancer 16 years ago and when I came across Frocktober I thought this was perfect! My two loves: raising money and awareness for Ovarian cancer and fashion. No one does anything for ovarian cancer. You don’t see ovaries, so no one talks about them. It’s the unspoken cancer.

Tell us about the women in sport blog
I really got into watching WNBL (Womens National Basketball League) last year. And meeting all the girls from the Rangers and just their lives and just how terrible it is for women in sport. And it took me a long time because I really wanted to write about women in sport and the imbalance but my blog is not hard-hitting journo thing. It is the second highest rated league in the world, and yet we go ‘Here, here’s $1000 (per season). These women have 2/3 jobs plus play basketball, they’re mums. It really fires me up – why don’t they have the same opportunity? 

You can read more blog posts from Liz here or see her Facebook and Instagram.

This story originally appeared in the September issue of Girl Boss Mag.

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