How To Start A Photography Business: Mel Hogan Tells Us How

Melissa Hogan has made her mark on the Mornington Peninsula as a seasoned photographer, capturing this very photographic community. But Melissa’s love for the Peninsula extends beyond the lens. “The Mornington Peninsula is full of amazing women in business and I’m in awe of their achievements, resilience, goals, commitment, courage and ambitions. They are a huge inspiration to me.” However, Mel’s inspiration truly started when she studied at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne. “(Being) surrounded by such creative tutors and fellow students was incredibly inspiring.”

After completing her studies her business took off, and she has captured the hearts of locals by providing not just a photo shoot, but an experience for her customers. “I have absolutely everything catered for to ensure everybody is prepared! I know some Dad’s may be a little reluctant to come along, or the kids! I really try to make it fun and happy so that my clients want to come back again and again and pass it on.” The experience usually starts before the camera is even around. “We would meet prior to the shoot as this is a really lovely way to get to know each other and opportunity to discuss their session/wedding.” For Mel, having clients prepared for the photo shoot is imperative to having a relaxed and enjoyable experience on the day. “My advice is to have a laugh and try to forget about the ‘photo shoot’ as such and just really enjoy themselves.” Mel says of how to make the most of a photo shoot. “It’s my job to ensure you feel good and relaxed as you will see it in your photographs through your expressions and mannerisms. I want the best photographs possible for my clients and I will do anything I can to make it wonderful.”

Keeping creative in a content driven business is obviously sometimes a struggle, but Mel seems to have it down pat. “By keeping my creativity alive I constantly travel to new places, read books as much as I can. Spend a lot of time walking along the beach, swimming in the sea or paddle boarding. Really just doing the things I love brings new ideas and inspiration.”

It sometimes isn’t sunshine and rainbows however, no matter how great the job! “It’s not just the camera and click; it’s learning to have everything such as editing software, printing, framing, stunning products to source, graphic design talents, accounting knowledge, payment choices for clients, website design, copy writing, advertising, marketing, social media positing, networking, constant learning, workshops… the list goes on!”

Mel continues to grow on the Peninsula, creating a name for herself as a fantastic photographer, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next for her and her business!

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