Occasionally Sweet: A Chat with Beth

Beth isn’t your typical full-time Uni student. While her peers might be out working part time jobs or focusing solely on their studies, Beth is building her brand in the form of Occasionally Sweet, a quickly growing cake business that has turned from a side hobby to a fully-fledged business. “I started Occasionally Sweet out of a passion for baking.” Beth says of why she started the business. “I was always making cakes for family and friends, so without much thought, I launched my Instagram and it grew from there.”


And grow she did! Now with a following of over 6k, Occasionally Sweet has cemented themselves as a frontrunner in the cake and dessert world of the Peninsula. And she’s proud (as she should be!) to of done this all by herself.  “The most difficult thing (about running a business) has been managing the entire business on my own. Not only do I bake and decorate the cakes, but I do all my own admin, including emails, social media management, accounts and taxation.” However, she does believe in the power of balance, especially when you’re juggling full time university with a business. “I’m studying full-time Bachelor of Arts/Law whilst running my business. It can be difficult to manage both at times, especially during assignment period or exam time. I have a good balance though where I go to Uni at the start of the week, and then do my cakes at the end of the week and weekend. It does feel like a bit of a juggling act at times and can be super stressful but it’s also very rewarding and I love doing both.”


Beth was only 19 when she decided to throw herself into the world of professional cake making. Starting a business at a young age might have scared some people – but certainly not Beth. “I didn’t really give too much thought to starting my own business which looking back does seem a bit crazy. I think with the nature of the business, it didn’t require a huge outlay to begin with, which reduced the stress. A lot of the materials I needed I already had, so starting was practically free aside from registrations and social media advertising.”


Celebrating a year this past January, Beth says she learnt a lot in that first year. “It felt like I was constantly discovering new things not only related to cakes directly but also business management. Something especially significant I learnt is the importance of supporting small and local businesses. By supporting small businesses, you are supporting the dreams of people, sometimes even just one person, and that is so special.” But as far as asking her for advice – she’s still not sure she’s the person to speak to! (We disagree!) “I don’t really feel as if I’m in a position to be giving advice to others in business however, I would say that sometimes it can feel disheartening, if things aren’t going to plan as much as you thought, or you aren’t achieving all of your business goals, but you just have to keep pushing forward and persevering, and you will always succeed in the end.”

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