Bold Bird Skincare: A Chat With Owner Lyndsay

Lyndsay Gordon lives a bold life. As a woman, as a mother, and as a business owner. So it was only fitting that her skincare brand be as bold as her! Enter - Bold Bird. 

What is Bold Bird?
Bold Bird is a skin care brand that is all natural, Australian made, vegan and cruelty free. We make taking care of your skin easy and take all the confusion and complication out of skincare products.

Why did you decide to start a skincare range?
As I’m getting older I was finding that the products I was using in terms of skin care and makeup, just weren’t working for me anymore, but then the next stage into ‘mature’ age skin care was a total minefield of anti’ ageing ingredients and terms that I didn’t understand and also, quite frankly I felt too young for. So, I decided to create my own range for other women, like me, with a young fresh vibe and a blend of ingredients perfectly created for our “slightly” ageing faces. I also wanted to encourage women, at this often busy time of life, to take the time out for themselves that they deserve. Which is also where the name Bold Bird was born - In our 30s we are our most confident, sexy and empowered selves, we are ready to rediscover who we are as grown women, we know what we want and we aren’t afraid to go get it.

How did you go about creating the skincare line?
Lots of research, surveys and asking women what they wanted and felt was missing from the market. Top of the list of women’s wants, was chemical free products, that were affordable, so that was priority number one, paired with branding that is still youthful, and a social media feed that spoke to them and was relevant to their life. I found there to be a gap in the market between the glowing skin and lifestyle of a 20 year old and brands talking anti-wrinkle creams to the 50 plus market. I knew I could create something to speak to these women.


How do you try and stand out from the crowd?
I don’t do BEIGE, my brand is BOLD, you couldn’t miss me even if you tried! I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in skincare at all times. I myself am constantly trying out new products, to see what I can bring to the Bold Bird range. Some products I try are fun fads and some are total game changers, I always want to keep my range simple, uncomplicated and up to date.
Are ethical products important to you and your brand?
HELL YES, we source as many ingredients as possible from their own natural habitat, in all different parts of Australia and they are wild harvested without the use of any chemicals. We do not believe in harming animals in any way, our products are totally cruelty free and 100% vegan.

You’re also a mum - how do you handle that work/life “balance”?
In all honesty I don’t. I suck at balance in all aspects of my life. I use a combination of day care, kinder and gin to get shit done! On the day’s my kids are home, hardly any work gets done and on the day’s they aren’t, it’s all business and no house work, and you know what? I’m totally fine with that. Yes, working in a messy house irritates me, but I’ve given up striving for perfection and I just aimto get shit done that day, and I tackle tomorrow when it comes.

Have you found much support from women in business?
Oh absolutely. I have built amazing relationships with some very inspiring women since starting my own brand. If I’m having a ‘debbie downer’ day, I have a quick scroll through Instagram and I’m instantly inspired again by seeing what all the other amazing queens around me are doing. I am also very selective about who I spend my time with, I have an amazing tribe of beautiful, inspiring friends. In the words of Will Smith - ‘only surround yourself with people that fan your flames.’


As a new business what have been some of your biggest challenges?
Knowing what the hell I’m doing (insert shrugging girl emoji). I have never had a business before, I am not techy WHATSOEVER, from day one this whole process has been a challenge. That’s kind of why I’m doing it. I was ready for a challenge to learn and create something for myself, after dedicating the last 4 years of my life to my children. There is not one thing I’ve found harder or easier, when something is so new to you, everything is a challenge and your learning every day.

Do you have an end goal for the business?
Honestly no, I have no idea what the end looks like. I have mini goals and things I want to achieve and implement, but I don’t have an end goal. I’m just enjoying the ride.


What advice would you give to women who want to start their own business?
Just do it! Just start somewhere, stop procrastinating and overthinking it and do it. It will all fall into place and you can learn on the go (like I am every day), back yourself and believe that you deserve happiness and success in your own right, and to have something that’s just yours, for you and no one else.

To find out more about Lyndsay and Bold Bird's products you can find them here.

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