How To Increase Productivity with Jo Davey

Jo Davey answers your most asked questions as our Autumn Issue 'Ask The Expert' column.

Is there anything I can do to increase my productivity?

Finding time, and having time are two different things. You can find time and get your life back to some sort of control and know who is where and what is happening. My 2 top tips for increasing your productivity are:
Use a planner or list, write down every task you are working on, every meeting you need to attend including travel times, then you will find the nuggets of time that would otherwise be wasted thinking you need to be somewhere, but if you know you have 30 mins you can tick off a task or two before you go to your next meeting.

And work in power hours. Commit yourself to working on a task (it could be working through your to do list or are larger task like writing your social media for the week or a client task) for an hour, set an alarm and work solidly for the hour. When the alarm goes off either take a break or commit to working on it for another hour. By doing this you are forcing yourself to focus. As you may have guessed I am a list writer, I need my to-do list and yes sometimes I have a list of my to do lists (it’s all about work flow) but when a task is written down you have committed to doing it, and the satisfaction of ticking it off can be really rewarding! Also don’t forget that technology is also a great way for being more productive. Customer Relationship Management software which integrates in to your accounting software which can have automatic bank feeds and you can set up pre-authorised ongoing payments and repeat invoices you can almost set up and forget (if you do these, make sure you review them regularly). Finding programs to help with your workflow will also allow for greater productivity. I’ve shared more about a
similar topic in a blog post entitled “Here’s how to stop using the old ‘I don’t have time’ excuse” on my website.

Jo Davey is the mum and business owner behind Girl Friday VA Solutions, a local virtual assistant business. You can find her on Facebook: or at

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