How This 20 Year-Old Started A Swimwear Business

Starting a business is no easy feat, and starting as a 20 year old does not make it any easier! We chatted with new brand on the Mornington Peninsula Luna Sunwears' owner Taya to talk about her business and how she came about to be a young entrepreneur.

For those that don’t know, what is Luna Sunwear?

Luna Sunwear is an ethical and sustainable swimwear, beachwear and skin care label that is made locally in the Mornington Peninsula. It's overall aim is to provide affordable ethical and sustainable products as well as creating a forum of discussion for matters concerning sustainable living and conscious living. 

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced since starting?

The whole journey has definitely been a roller coaster, as I decided to make it in Australia it was extremely hard to find a manufacturer with the expertise to execute my designs and someone who I could trust and rely on and entrust my vision in. It was definitely difficult to get to the beautiful end product but I am so glad I stuck out the hurdles and am where I am today. 

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What made you want to start a swimwear and ‘sunwear’ brand?

I grew up in Tel Aviv where the summer was intense and I would be out on the streets with my friends having water fights and bike riding to the beach then moving to Melbourne where the weather is quite temperamental but when the sun does come out it shines bright and long I guess this influenced me into being the sun worshipper I am today. I cant think of anything better than lazing around in the sun all day this started my passion for swimwear as I was always looking to buy swimwear however could never find the right style and fit and was always very fascinated as to who made the swimwear and always wanted to get a sense of the personality that went into the end product.   When I was 15 me and my mum decided we would make swimwear we held off and could never find the right time or the right material and then finally when I went back to Israel in 2016 a year after I finished high school I was talking to my mum and mentioned that the swimwear here is beautiful and inspiring me to make my own and she said straight out JUST DO IT! so that day I did exactly that and started drawing and drawing and I came up with about 30 designs, then narrowed down to 10 that were my favourite and then narrowed down to 6 styles that I thought were most relevant for me during that time and those 6 styles are the styles that make up my first ever swimwear line. 

As for the beachwear aspect my ultimate year round style is 'flowy' cotton, linen and silk garments and whenever I found something I liked it happened to be extremely expensive and overpriced in my eyes other than this I want to create ethical and sustainable products no matter the type and this is no exception so due to that I am currently working on a range of sustainable ethical beachwear to provide myself and my customers at an affordable price.

The skin care aspect has a lot to do with my mum, my beautiful Mum Danielle is a beautician/dermatologist and is able to make the most interesting and amazing mixtures for your skin... I'd love to enable her to make them and provide them on a wider scale and continue to experiment until she finds her favourite potion,  something that will truly help the individual take care of their skin in an all natural, organic and ethical way. 

What should people look for when purchasing swimwear? What’s your best advice for people who aren’t great or don’t like shopping for clothing?

I think it's important to know where your swimwear is coming from and who it is coming from, there will always be heaps of different brands and labels but find ones you genuinely connect with that share the same values and outlook as you and of course sense of style.

Be individual and unique and never be afraid to purchase swimwear that no one else has - go for it and be confident don't purchase something because everyone else has it purchase something because you really do love it and it will make you feel like the queen you are. 

What advice do you have for women wanting to start a business?

To all women wanting to start a business my advice is go for it, the road may be difficult and seem impossible but nothing is impossible and you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Plan it out and have short term and long term goals don't be disappointed if those goals take longer than expected all good things take time to grow.

Allow your business to flourish naturally and accept the pace it moves at. You will be so ecstatic with the end result I have no doubt of that. 

Never allow anyone to get down on your ideas and vision, other opinions are important but be careful of who you choose to listen to. Always surround yourself with positive people that allow you to grow, flourish and nourish you. 

You can check out the range of Luna Sunwear here or follow them on Instagram for all the latest updates. 

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