Cut The Chemicals Cookbook Interview

Looking to cut the chemicals from your diet or the diet of your families? Want to know why you should be cutting chemicals from your food? And what chemicals should we be even looking out for? All the information can be overwhelming, so Rebecca breaks it down in an easy to understand ebook. Read our interview with her to find out more.

What pursued you to write Cut The Chemicals Cookbook?

When I was making changes to our family diet for my daughter, we were seeing dramatic changes. Other families wanted to know what we were doing and why. They all thought it was something they should do too, and I found myself explaining repeatedly, how to do it. I had already had a try at writing an eBook and thought, well if my friends are interested then maybe there are other families out there that could benefit and that is when I wrote the eBook. I thought everyone could benefit from the research our family had already done.

How long did it take for you to research and put together the book?

The book took a good 6 months of solid commitment, drafting and researching. I found it mostly flowed easily as it was a case of writing what you know. On occasion, it was difficult to do the supermarket research as I had a small baby at the time and was pregnant again!

What do you hope the reader takes away when finishing the book?

I hope that the reader sees that by making small changes they can have dramatic differences in their child’s behaviour and well being, physically and mentally. Furthermore, their family won’t have FOMO – fear of missing out because they are on a special diet, as I give lots of substitutes and other options that are easily affordable from any supermarket.

Have you got any tips or tricks for parents wanting to help cut down or reduce the amount of chemicals in their child’s diet?

Start with the colours. If it doesn’t look how nature intended, it probably has artificial colours. Then cut the packaging. Not only good for the environment but you too. If it has been put in an unnatural form of packaging and isn’t in the freezer generally its required some form of preserving that may not suit your child. We started slowly by substituting when we ran out of the things. We started with something as simple as our margarine, bread and milk, and went from there.

Do you have any role models that inspire you in your personal and business life?

The role models I have for really becoming invested in this change for our family are Sue Dengate who continues to be a champion for change and education when it comes to children and food. I also really admire Lisa Leake from the US, 100 Days of Real Food, who took the challenge to cut processed food from her families life for 100 day No mean feat given that they are an American Family. In business, I really admire other mummy bloggers like Katrina Springer from the Organised Housewife. I would love to have my blog as interesting, organised and streamlined as hers.

How do you balance working with the rest of your life? Do you have any tips for other working mums who may be struggling?

Tough question, because this changes as my family does. As the children get older the challenges change. I have only recently gone back to work full time as a Secondary School teacher and I have found it difficult. My children have become a lot more resilient and independent, as we are honest with them about the challenges we now face as a family time wise. I don’t say no to offers of help and sometimes have to swallow my pride and ask others for assistance, such as a ride for my child. Swings and roundabouts, I help them out where I can. I also have had to reduce my washing regime to every two days rather than everyday! Lowered standards. Balance is difficult. Essentially I’m an early riser and just make the most of the quiet time before children wake and the craziness starts.

Since first starting Cut The Chemicals, would you go back and do anything differently? If so, what and why?

I tried to see my blog become something it’s not. I thought I could be a retailer as well, but that just isn’t my thing and I realised it was harder work to market that. I spent a lot of money and time on something that didn’t suit me instead of taking things slowly and sticking to what I know.

Where do you hope Cut The Chemicals goes from here? Do you have an ‘end plan’?

My end plan is to just be able to find time to write regularly on the blog – finding the time is challenging. I am very much interested in a simpler life (another influence Rhonda Hetzel – from Down to Earth). So I’d like to write more on what I’m doing to cut all sorts of things from our busy lives, not just harmful foods. It would be good to see other families encouraged by what we are doing and to have them share their wins on the blog as well. In a fabulous alternate reality who wouldn’t love to a have a fully monetized blog so that my husband could retire and I could write all day on my local beach Moondah!

Have you had much support in terms of your business, or found much support for women in business?

I haven’t reached out so much as far as support goes. I don’t have any money to budget for such things and doing my own research is time consuming. When marking exams, looking to learn SEO hasn’t been high on my agenda. I have had wonderful encouragement from some of my biggest fans in close friends, and this encourages to me keep it going. Essentially I know what I write about can change lives and really isn’t about milking people so I can blog from the Carribean. It’s about making sure every child has every opportunity they can have, and this can start with something as simple as Mum knowing what to put in the lunchbox each day to optimise her child’s talents and future learning at school.

What advice would you give to other women in business?

I am not a financial success, but I love the learning. I loved teaching myself how to write eBooks and publish them on Amazon. I loved learning how to put a website together, how to write a blog. It keeps the Alzheimer's away and keeps life at home interesting when you may be at home with the children putting on yet another load of washing. All you need is a laptop, WiFi, natural curiosity and the baby to take an afternoon nap! Just go for it!

Read more about Bec Taylor's fantastic blog and book Cut The Chemicals here.

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