Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Business

The Underrated Social Media Platform You Need To Be On

This financial year, I took on a goal to build my Pinterest to grow my business. What I didn’t expect, was to find my new favourite social media platform for advertising. With the quick and easy way to advertise, the big results, and the small costs, I’ve now found myself kicking myself I hadn’t gotten into Pinterest sooner. With just a little TLC and a maximum spend of just $5 a day, I saw an astronomical growth in my Pinterest in just one week. Here’s how you can maximise on the earning potentials of Pinterest, too.

Why Pinterest

You might be surprised to know that Pinterest was the third biggest social media platform in 2019, overtaking Snapchat. Businesses are finally starting to realise the booming potential of Pinterest, with advertisers doubling in 2019. There’s no surprise though, really. Pinterest has fast become a shopping social media platform. As a business owner, you’ll be thrilled to know that 48% of pinners rate ‘shopping’ as their top priority when hopping on the app and website.

If your product or service is garnered towards women, and even better, mums, you’re in luck. According to ComScore, more than two thirds of Pinterest users is women, and 8 out of 10 mums in America are on Pinterest. Seeing as mums and women are the buying power of our economy, this is where you want to be.

These stats, mixed with it’s affordability and ease of use, make Pinterest a great place to be serving your content.

Starting Your Account

First things first, you need a business account for Pinterest. You will need a personal Pinterest account first to link your business account to. A complete step by step guide to setting up an account can be found here.

Once you’ve created your account, added your website, bio and logo, it’s time to create some boards and pins. Pinterest boards are where you will put all your pins: either made by you or someone else. When creating boards, think about your target audience and ideal client avatar. Who are the people that are already buying from you, and what content do they like to see? For Girl Boss Mag, we have a range of boards including; Social Media For Businesses, Marketing For Small Business, Business Finance, and many more. These boards were created with the idea of what our readers already like and want to see from us, and it helps us market on Pinterest to new clients.

Keeping It Simple

Pinterest doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I think keeping it simple is the way to go with Pinterest. Adding your own pins to your own boards, and making sure you’re pinning a few other people’s pins and interacting is an important part of growing on Pinterest.

Thanks to Canva, it’s even easier to make beautiful and profitable pins. Using their many templates on their site, I was able to make pins for all my latest blog posts, and two separate pins for my lead magnet, that I planned on using to get more email subscribers. It didn’t take long, and the result was pins that converted, and best of all, free.

If you want to add a little more TLC to your daily pinning, add the Pinterest Google Chrome extension to your search bar. It’s easy, it’s free, and it makes adding pins SO much easier. With just a click, you can add any photo on a web page to one of your boards, without having to open Pinterest at all. This quick addition saves you time and makes being consistent on Pinterest a breeze.

Paid Ads

After setting up beautiful pins and getting the basics down pat, I decided to venture into paid ads. I was a little hesitant at first, especially wondering what sort of ROI I would receive. However, I made two separate pins for the one lead magnet; Free Daily Social Media Workbook and Checklist. I made two separate pins so I could A/B test them both, and see which one yielded the best results, as I was still so new to Pinterest and what pinners would like to see.

When I say I was blown away by the results, I’m not exaggerating. By putting a simple ad in (seriously simple – easier than Facebook Ads by a long mile!), I saw a 8,598% increase in impressions, and 29,341% increase in engagements. Yep! Those are the right numbers. In turn, my click through rate was fantastic, and I would call it a very successful campaign after hundreds of downloads to my lead magnet.

Like with other social media ads, however, I would definitely suggest playing around with it. There are more complicated settings, more specific niches and audiences you can create, that of course could potentially harness a better ROI. However, for the simplicity of the ads I created and the return I saw, I’m happy doing the basics for now.

Tracking Your ROI

When tracking your ROI, it’s important to get clear again about what you want to achieve through your pins and ads. This is when deciding on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) is a really vital step, to any ad campaign. When it comes to Pinterest, there are plenty of KPI’s to choose from. KPI’s you could potentially track can include:

  • Number of pins
  • CTR (Click through rate)
  • Impressions

And many more. However, I feel these are the three most important ones to look at.

Firstly, impressions will look at how many times your pins got seen by Pinterest users. This will give you an insight to how attractive your pins are to your audience. If you’re getting a high amount of impressions, without many people pinning or clicking through, it will tell you you might need to change your pin in a way to make it more attractive. This is again, when A/B testing comes in handy.

Ideally, you will want a high amount of pins, followers and a high CTR, as this is where you will see your business grow. These are the short term goals, but the long term ROI of Pinterest is something I’m excited to see the benefits of, too. Like any social media platform, Pinterest loves when users serve up consistent and original content, and building a following on Pinterest will have great long term benefits and ROI in a different way.

Are you ready to put your Pinterest skills to the test and make the most out of Pinterest marketing? As you can see, by just putting in a little extra TLC to your Pinterest, you can see a massive growth, more clicks, more pins, and, most importantly, more sales. Make Pinterest your new favourite social media marketing platform. Share your results that you see when marketing your business on Pinterest.

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things to do on social media every day? It can be confusing, and take up a lot of time when trying to get your brand seen across so many platforms. Luckily, we created the Daily Social Media Workbook and Checklist that makes sure you are getting in front od your audience every day for as little as 15 minutes per day. With small actionable steps, it’s super easy to implement and best of all, free. Download your copy now and see your business grow on social media.

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