Why You Need To Get Clear On What You Sell; And How To Do It

Define Your Products & Services and Sell More

Can you tell me what you sell in less than half a minute? What about in one sentence? If not, it might be time to get clearer on your products and services. Knowing what you sell seems like such a vital step in business – but sometimes we over complicate it and add too many products and services that don’t serve our purpose or our brand.

Creating a brand means you’re easily identifiable in your niche. Whether you bake vegan cakes in your local area or you run financial courses for women, people know exactly what you do because you’ve made it super clear through your brand.  You are the person they go to for your product or service. Wouldn’t you rather be the number one person in your field of expertise, rather than the person that no one knows exactly what you’re best at or what you’re selling? Remember, when you try to sell to everyone, you ultimately sell to no one.

Getting clear on your products and services is multilayered and there are many pros to why you should be doing it. Let’s go through the why’s of getting clear in your business, and most importantly; the how.

get clear on your products and services

Giving 100%

With too many products or services available for your customers, not only can it be confusing for them, but it’s confusing for you, too. Trying to do everything for your customer instead of just focusing on one or two things can overwhelm you, cause burnout and leave your mind feeling scattered. You won’t be giving 100% in your business, which isn’t fair on you or the people buying from you.

When only offering a small selection of products or services, you are able to give your business the love, innovation and attention it deserves. You can make sure your single product or smaller collection is the best on the market, without trying to be the best in everything.

Perfect The Elevator Pitch

getting clear on your products and services

When you know what you’re selling and who you need to be selling it to; you can sell better! Sounds simple, but it’s something we overlook so much. In marketing, you need to know why your ideal client needs your product or service. But how can you convince them of such when you’re not 100% clear on it. If you’re selling lots of products, or trying to be something to everyone, you most likely won’t be selling to anyone. An ‘elevator pitch’ is usually only 30 seconds long – and as it should be. You should be able to sell your product to your ideal client in under 30 seconds no problem. And if you can’t – you need to get clearer.

So how do we counteract this? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of products you have, or maybe you’re thinking its time to cut back and focus on one thing, here’s a few ways you can start to really get clear on your products and services.

Niche Down

getting clear on your products and services

Before you can really get clear on what products and services you should be selling, you need to first get clear on who you’re selling to. What niche do you serve? What area of expertise do you offer information to? Who are you helping? Lot’s of times we can get so

Start Small

getting clear on your products and services

So you’ve niched down, but you still have way too many products and services to be keeping track of or giving 100% to. Or maybe you’ve only just started a business, and you’re excitedly listing lots of products and services because you can’t wait to help everyone.

I know it seems to make sense to provide lots of products so you can appeal to everyone, or offer customers more choice. But being know for one singular (or a few) things is better than not being known at all.

As you start to grow, and customers build a trust and rapport with you and your business, you can start to add in other products and services that can fit their needs and wants. Starting small lets customers build a relationship with you, show off that you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it well, and they know they can ultimately trust you. 

Identify Your Customers Needs & Wants

getting clear on your products and services

One of the simplest ways to know what to sell is to first find out what your ideal client needs and wants. What is the problem of theirs that you’re fixing? What issues are they facing that you can help them with? Like starting small, it’s important to define just one facet of your ideal clients life that they need help with.

This is when market research comes in particularly useful, and creating your ideal client avatar. If you have existing clients, talk to them about their needs. Send out surveys, include them in the process of offering the best products and services. Ultimately, your business is to serve them, and if you can find a way to serve them and their needs while also making money? Well, I think you’ve just created a profitable business.

So whether you’re a product or service based business, a start-up or well into your business, there are plenty of reasons why you should get clearer on what you sell. Implement one of our strategies to niche down, find your customers needs and wants and sell more!

If you’re needing more help identifying your customers needs and wants, or you’re yet to create your Ideal Client Avatar, our ICA Mini Course & Workbook is the exact tool you need for your business.

When starting a business, or even a few years into your business, you should be able to answer one simple question; who is your ideal client? Do you have a vision in your head of who exactly that is? Can you tell me everything there is to know about your ideal client? If you don’t, you need to get clearer on your niche.

Perhaps you’ve heard about ‘nicheing down’ – but you just don’t know how to do that, or what that even means? In our mini e-course and workbook, we identify exactly who your niche is, and create your businesses very own Ideal Client Avatar.

Your Ideal Client Avatar will be your staple piece when creating a marketing plan, when talking to your audience, and even designing products and services. Your ICA is an essential piece of knowledge to creating an everlasting brand and successful business.

We get super clear on the easy to follow steps, and fill-in-the-blank workbook tailor made for small businesses. Make your marketing plan convert and see your business grow with the implementation of an Ideal Client Avatar.

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