Where To Have A Destination Wedding

destination wedding locations

Thinking of having a destination wedding but not sure of the location? Keen to combine your honeymoon and wedding? Or just wanting to have a holiday while marrying the love of your life? We have put together a list of our favourite destination wedding locations!

• New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the highest destination wedding locations for Australians, with almost 50% of all 'destination weddings' being held here. Some might be to visit neighbouring family, but a lot are flocking over here because the destination is simply stunning.

This shot was taken in Queenstown atop one of their many photogenic mountains. Airfares are on the cheaper side too, and a lot of the costs mirror Australia, which means this makes a much more affordable, but absolutely beautiful destination wedding.

• Mexico


 A country full of breathtaking destinations, you only have to take a quick flick through a few Instagram photos to know that you can have one hell of a wedding in Mexico. Take your pick between desert and beach (or both!), have a fiesta, or just enjoy the scenery, Mexico is fast becoming a destination for people wanting to have a more eclectic wedding. 

Have wedding at one of the many resorts offering wedding packages in Cancun, or wed on the beach in your own private beachfront. 

The options are endless in this paradise!


• Bali

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No longer just considered a 'cheap vacay' option for Australian tourists, Bali weddings can be elegant as they are beautiful. Bali offers a wide range of wedding options for couples, starting from basic to luxurious.

There is also a wide range of activities for anyone tagging along to the wedding with you, so your guests can make a full holiday out of it!

Prices for flights and accommodation are relatively cheaper than other options, which makes this a great destination wedding on a budget.

• Las Vegas 


Not just Elvis impersonators, Las Vegas (and the state of Nevada) creates a spectacular landscape for your wedding. Be immersed in the desert or be surrounded by shining lights (usually you can have both!), Las Vegas could be an option for those wanting to not just have a wedding, but a full blown party! 

Find your perfect spot for your bucks and hens night, have a wild after party, or just enjoy yourself in the atmosphere that Las Vegas provides. 

Maybe best to leave the kids home for this one!

Have you had a destination wedding? Where was it? Tell us in the comments!

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