Wedding Favours Under $1

wedding favours under $1

Who doesn't love a wedding? Possibly the people planning one! 

There is no secret wedding planning is super stressful, and not to mention really tough on the budget. While there are probably some things you shouldn't 'skimp' out on, there are things you can have a little cheaper, especially if you get creative and are willing to DIY. Here's our list of favourite wedding favours for less than $1 each!

• Popcorn

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Everyone loves a food to snack on when they're leaving the party (or maybe a little bit hungover the next day!), and popcorn is a budget friendly one! Making this yourself, using recycled jars (or cheap mason jars), with a cute note attached is a perfect little favour that is gaining popularity!

• Temporary Tattoos


Wedding's might not be the time to afraid of commitment, but if your guests don't feel like declaring their love for you both with ink, instead provide them with a temporary tattoo with your names and date to commemorate the occasion! Lot's of companies provide these, and in bulk prices are low.

• Bubbles


A traditional wedding favour, but for a reason! Bubbles (not the champagne kind!) can be handed out at the ceremony and used for when the bride and groom walks down the aisle as a married couple. Also super perfect at keeping little ones occupied during a ceremony.

• Flip Flops

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If you have a beach wedding this one might be perfect for you! Heels can get pretty tricky to walk in on sand, so providing this alternative that also doubles as a wedding favour is pretty clever! Also great for guests who's feet are tired from so much dancing!

• Tea

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Having a morning or brunch wedding? These might be the cutest favours for you! Super easy to DIY, and so budget friendly, tea is elegant and sweet, and in keeping with the love theme when written with a cute message!

• Seeds


Watch love grow! Seeds, as like tea, are super easy to DIY without breaking the bank. Buy seeds in bulk and ration them out into brown paper bags or jars and adorn them with a super sweet message!

• Sparklers


Another great cost effective but totally Insta-worthy favour is sparklers! Have a box full of them for each guest to take and light up when it is time for reception photos! Super perfect for an outdoor wedding reception.

• Candles

Super easy and cheap, but still elegant! DIY candles yourself or buy tealight candles in bulk! If you are using them in decorations they can be doubled up as both! Decorations for ceremony/reception, favours for the end of the night!

What did you have as a wedding favour? Tell us in the comments!

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