MP Kickass Girls Squad

Behold! The Mornington Peninsula's first women in business/influence/blogger meet up! Run by Tammy from Peninsula Cookie House and Shay from Lil' Travellers, this will be a night to remember! 

With a bunch of wine and food from places all over the Mornington Peninsula, there is no one going to go without, no matter what the taste pallet! Food and wine donated on the night includes:

  • Pinot Gris from Panton Vineyard
  • Platters from Peninsula Platters
  • Wine from Adhoc Mt Eliza
  • Wine from Barmah Park Vineyard Cafe
  • Beer from Dainton Brewery
  • Platter from Platters on the Peninsula

and much much more!

And if the promise of food and wine doesn't entice you enough, maybe the goodie bags will! Filled with plenty of products and samples from Mornington Peninsula's finest, you will not be disappointed with items from brands such as; Bold Bird, EAU Bath Salts, Saya Medispa, Mermaid Society, Mind Body Transformations, and Design Mummy.

There will be flowers from Local Love Co there, balloons from Pimp My Balloons, and a marquee from Bay Events all there to make the night amazing!

There is a huge range of prizes up for grabs too, including;

  • A full page of advertising for Girl Boss Mag June Issue
  • Door Prize to Piccolo and Mi
  • Breaky for two at Pala Cibo Cafe
  • Door Prize from Evergreen Clothing
  • Bibs from Tilda and Moo
  • Dining voucher for Kings Creek Hotel
  • Store voucher to Saya Medispa
  • 3 Month Totsville Membership
  • Store voucher to Tiny Wild Collective
  • Store voucher to Krome Kids
  • Pamper Gift and Gift Certificate for Relax and Unwind Massage Therapy
  • A copy of The Penny Saver
  • Store voucher to Fawn and Finch
  • 2 x Dining vouchers to Barmah Park Vineyard Cafe
  • A pair of chinos and tee from Frankie + Roy
  • Platter voucher from Platters on the Peninsula
  • $100 dining voucher to Barn & Co.
  • Mornington Peninsula Brewery Pots + Pizza Vouchers
  • Voucher for Nana Peg Cafe

Whew! What a night it will be! We can't wait to see everyone there and celebrate this amazing community of women we have!

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