How To Repurpose Your Marketing Content

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We all know consistently showing up in your business is the number one, sure fire way to keep your business successfully growing. However, consistently showing up can take a lot of time and effort, which as business owners we don’t always have. Coming up with new and original ideas for blog posts, podcasts and ads can be tiresome and make you not want to even try. After all, you probably didn’t get into business to be constantly posting online with new content. What if there was a way you could get more bang for your buck with your content? Luckily for you, we have the perfect steps to make sure you are making the most out of your content, and how you can repurpose your content, and save you time and money.


Why Repurpose?

With the seemingly never ending to do list every business owner has, going through past content may be something that sits on the back burner, or just seems like you don’t have enough time for. However, the great thing about repurposing is that it truly does save time and effort. If you have just a handful of blog posts on your website, you probably have enough content to turn it into something else that will save you time and energy in the long run. Think about how time consuming it can be thinking up new content for ads, social media captions and lives, or email content. That all takes a lot of time, but you can recapture that lost time by putting a twist on content you already have. Saving you a lot of time and money. After all, isn’t your time best spent on the things in business that make a profit?

What Can I Repurpose?

The best thing to start with when repurposing content is a blog post. Most of us have a blog post or two on our website, and right there is a plethora of original content ready to be used elsewhere. Whether you write your blog posts yourself or outsource, your blog posts usually have around 1000 words of SEO optimised content that you know your readers, and customers, already want to read and know more about.

Social Media

Do you struggle with writing a caption or coming up with ideas for posts on your business Instagram? Posting a paragraph or a few dot points from your blog post on your topic is a great way to repurpose content. You don't have to link back to the blog post itself - it can just be a quick bite sized serving of information for your audience.

Just like finding content to talk about on Instagram posts - Instagram stories can be just as hard. Here you can dive into the subject a little deeper, touch on a few of the points, and doing so in video format is a big win for marketing on this social media platform. Hearing someone talk about it briefly may be a better medium than someone who doesn't enjoy reading.

Going live on your Instagram is a great way for you to interact with people regarding the topic your content is based around. People can ask more questions, and you can again tick off the key points. Live videos is another way to up your marketing game, and much easier with a topic in mind.

With IGTV or YouTube, you have the chance to turn your blog content into a vlog. You could potentially just read your blog verbatim, or really flesh out your content and topic in a video series. 

Email Marketing

If you have an email audience, it's time to utilise it. Your email subscribers are the best audience to serve up content to, as they are the most eager to receive it! You can send out an email with the blog post title in the subject field, have a few dot points in the email regarding the blog post and then have a link back.


If you struggle to find good content for your Facebook or Instagram ads, you might find it beneficial to use a blog post as an ad, or content from the blog post as your lead magnet for customers.

Courses and Workshops

Whether it's an entire e-course or just a module, if you have something to offer through a blog post, you probably have enough information to educate someone through an e-course. For our example, we turned the blog post into a 'Quick E-Course To Start Making Passive Income.'


Can you turn your blog into a workbook or checklist? Something that you can offer for free to your audience in exchange for subscribing to an email list or as part of a package on your store? Hop on Canva and see what you can create. In our example, we turned our 'Passive Income' blog post into a workbook and checklist.

While it can be daunting and overwhelming trying to come up with fresh and original content all by yourself, it clearly doesn’t have to be. Original content is already there on your website, begging to be utilised. There might be even a new way you find to utilise your blog content to make it stretch further. Don’t spend another day trying to find a good caption for your Instagram post or subject for your email newsletter, when all you need is already there.

Need a little extra help making sure you’re making the most out of your content? Download out FREE Repurposing Content Workbook and Checklist here. 

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