How To Make Huge Sales On Black Friday

Make Your Biggest Sales Week Ever This Black Friday

black friday sales

The Black Friday weekend is just around the corner, and for small businesses, this can mean a great time of big growth of sales. This weekend sees consumers spend big and splash the cash as they search for a bargain or two, or complete their Christmas shopping. But how can you capitalise on this mega shopping weekend as a business?

In 2018, we saw our biggest sales week to date during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. We didn’t honestly do too much in terms of advertising our sale – but what we did have was a good plan, marketing material, and capitalising on the same advertising mediums we already knew worked. We reached existing customers, made plenty of new ones and had a huge reach that eventually turned into regular customers after the weekend was well and truly gone. For that reason alone, I believe these sales should be a part of every small businesses marketing plan.

Don’t make Black Friday marketing sales an afterthought this year, and get ready to make your biggest sale week with this handy guide to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for business.

Have A Plan

black friday sales plan

Firstly, deciding what sort of discount you intend to provide potential customers is a deciding factor for how you will proceed into these sorts of sales. For many consumers, this is THE sale opportunity for them, and they will expect big savings. Others, however, will see this as just another consumer affair and are happy saving a few bucks on a product if they can. Your ideal customers may fit into either category, but knowing what you can afford to reduce your product to (to potentially only make customers that are after a bargain and not return) and also provide a good discount will ultimately be up to you. Weighing the pros and cons of a discount is for your business to decide, but Black Friday sale pros usually weigh out the cons.

You will also need to decide how your best ‘plan of attack’ will be when targeting new and returning customers to your store. Creating a brand-new marketing campaign especially for Black Friday will be your next step after knowing exactly what you will be offering. This includes all new marketing material, focusing solely on Black Friday and your sale. Have everything ready to go the minute you plan your Black Friday sale is live, including website updates, social media updates and ads. Giving yourself time to prep will allow you to be less stressed on the day of. Making sure everything is scheduled to go at the right time can see all your customers across the board are reached automatically.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can be as big of a deal as you make them!

Know Your Audience & Ideal Client

I know I say it all the time, but it's just so dang important, especially when creating your marketing campaign; you need to know your audience! Are your ideal clients and customers shopping during Black Friday weekend? Are they eyeing off something they need or are they after an impulse purchase (maybe a want, rather than a need?) This is something you need to understand so you know where your customer is in their buying cycle, and you can understand what sort of price point and savings you should be expected to pass on to your customer. Where are they shopping this weekend? Are they primarily doing this online? Sort out your Ideal Client Avatar before you tackle your Black Friday marketing, and you will make it so much easier. 

For one of our most popular blog posts all about identifying your ideal client, have a quick read here. 

Email Marketing

Hands down, the most popular way to convey your Black Friday sales is email marketing. It’s most popular for a reason, capitalising on the fact you’re reaching people that have already signed up to know about sales exactly like these, and that most consumers are actively looking for sales and bargains around this time. Your emails are more likely to be opened, click through rates are higher and generally it is seen as a successful medium to advertise on – and it’s free!

You can also add more exclusivity and urgency to buy for customers through email marketing during this time, such as ‘special deals for email subscribers only’ – which you can also make aware of through your website and social media. If people were already going to buy, they may be more inclined to subscriber for that further % or $ discount. This can help transfer one-off Black Friday sale customers into regular customers, adding them to their own segment emailing list that can be alerted of future sales in the business via email.

Make your email marketing campaigns ahead of time and scheduled ready to roll out as soon as the clock ticks over midnight on Black Friday. It may seem excessive, but many customers are ready to go ASAP, and again can capitalise on exclusivity if it’s advertised as a ‘limited’ sale. Customers are going into this knowing the big savings don’t last long, and they will be ready to spend ASAP.

You can also use your email marketing to make existing customers aware of the Black Friday sale before you even reduce your prices. Giving email customers a ‘sneak peek’ at what will be on offer will keep you at the forefront of their mind when Black Friday goes live. Just like you’re planning for Black Friday, many customers also plan too.

Specific Social Media Ads

You most likely already have an audience on social media, and you can capitalise on this for free, by making specific posts and photos and captions directly related to the sale. Like email marketing, you may even offer a sneak peek of what’s to come for your sale on your socials. However you decide to advertise, social media is definitely not one to miss.

It’s important to post on your pages and stories throughout the weekend regarding the sale, but investing in Facebook and Instagram ads is definitely one way to capture more customers and new customers. Having specific marketing material, including Black Friday specific advertising videos and photo ads will help translate customers. Many customers are looking for that Black Friday sale tag, so including that makes the sale seem more legitimate. If you’re not familiar with spending for Facebook or Instagram ads yet, take the time to play around with it before the sale begins. It can be a learning curve and the last thing you want to be doing during the sale is spending your weekend trying to figure out your ads!

This is also a time to capitalise on Facebook Group marketing. Facebook Group’s are a haven for people looking for bargains and many of them may offer your perfect target audience. If you haven’t started advertising your business through Facebook Groups, before the sale take some time to familiarise with some groups that fit your target audience. For many Australian businesses, the two Afterpay based Facebook Groups see big sales come their way, as all the members are active Afterpay enthusiast, and you are able to post your business if it has Afterpay too. During the Black Friday sales will be the perfect time to post about your business and your sale. You can find out more about Facebook Group advertising here.

As you can see, Black Friday can really offer a business advantages for long term and short-term growth. Don’t miss out on this sales period and start on your plan for one of the biggest consumer periods of the year. Let us know in the comments what plan you have for Black Friday sales, and if you plan to buy or sell this weekend.

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