How To Create Your Ideal Client Avatar

How To Create An ICA – and Why You Need One

There’s a lot of things to worry about when starting a business. There’s marketing, set up costs, the never-ending to-do list seems to grow every day. But there is one thing that you absolutely should be doing when you start a business. Creating your Ideal Client Avatar.

This will be the one of the most important steps you take in your business set up. Without your ideal customer in mind, your marketing techniques can and may as well be fruitless. Identifying your ideal customer has to be your first step, before anything, for you to achieve success. That being said, your ideal customer may change. You may start marketing, or creating a product, selling, and realize that there is another niche of customer, or an entirely different niche, that is interested and is buying your product or service.  But you must have one to begin with.

What Is An ICA?

An ICA – or Ideal Client Avatar – is the marketing tool that will change everything for you. Your ICA is who you have in mind when you make a plethora of business decisions. It is who you have in mind when you create your product, and sell it. This will be the ideal customer, and every single thing about them. It is a super in depth look at a single person, a person who you believe is the ideal client for your business. There isn’t broad terms like ‘aged between 25-30’ – they’re a 27 year old female who works part-time as receptionist for a bank. When I say your ICA is SUPER in depth – I mean it.

Why Do I Need One?

There is a marketing strategy called ‘spray and pray’ approach. This is where you essentially throw your marketing plan in front of anyone and everyone and hope you hit a few buyers along the way. Having a ‘spray’ like marketing approach works for some, honestly. Chances are if you hit a thousand views of your product you will make one sale. But it shouldn’t be your base marketing plan. If you’re hitting 1000 people that just simply are not interested in your product, you might make one sale. But what if you targeted 1000 people that you KNOW are interested in your product? The chances of the number of people that will click through and buy your product become exceptionally higher. Plus, you’ve spent the same amount of money. All because you just did some research on who your target audience is, and who will want to buy your product, and made sure you put that product in front of them. Your effort and time is worth gold at this stage in your business.

How Do I Create One?

Researching and identifying your own ideal customer can seem tedious and overwhelming, but when we break it down into small, manageable steps, it all becomes clear as day. Our ‘Your Ideal Client Avatar Mini Course & Workbook’ will be your staple piece when creating a marketing plan, when talking to your audience, and even designing products and services. Your ICA is an essential piece of knowledge to creating an everlasting brand and successful business. We get super clear on the easy to follow steps, and fill-in-the-blank workbook tailor made for small businesses. Make your marketing plan convert and see your business grow with the implementation of an Ideal Client Avatar.

Every marketing campaign, and honestly, every business decision, you make from this moment will be centred around your ICA. You are going to get real personal with this ideal customer. There will be no secrets between you and them. You’re going to get to the nitty gritty of your customers, down to every single aspect of them. If you have a vision of your ideal customer (which you should by the end of this!) I want you to find a stock photo of the person that fits your description. Add a visual to your ideas. Do this so at all times, at every step of the way from designing your product or service, to marketing your product or service, you know exactly who it is that is buying it. That person. That photo. The real life talking human being is your customer, and every time that customer comes into your radius, you want to sell to them.

If you’re not using our ICA template, here are a few questions to ask yourself when identifying your ideal customer;

What do they wear?

Where do they shop?

Where do they enjoy going?

Where do they go out of necessity?

Are they online or offline?

What media platforms do they use?

Do they use content platforms such as newspaper or radio?

What do they eat?

How many kids do they have, if any?

Where do they work, if they do?

How many days do they work, if they do?

Do they drive? What do they drive?

What is their income?

What generation do they fit into?

What is their age?


And while you may be wondering why their appearance has anything to do with this, it matters greatly. Having that image in your head when you are marketing to a real life person can really be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a flop. Too many times we get caught up on statistics and checklists that we forget we are selling to real life human beings. Plus, it helps us narrow down who we want to sell to, and who we don’t want to sell to.

These are not the only questions you need to ask yourself when identifying your ideal customer. There are 5 key points we discuss in the ICA mini course;

  1. Demographics (The questions you’ve just asked)
  2. Personality (What drives and motivates them, how do they spend money)
  3. Interactions (What social media platforms are they on, do they read blogs, do they listen to podcasts, do they rely on word of mouth)
  4. Problem Solving (What problem does your ICA have that you can directly solve)
  5. Day-In-The-Life (A quick guide to what your ICA does in a day)

You can explore a few of these yourself, or let us help you dive deep into your ICA in our mini course.

Some ways you can build further information on your ICA;

- researching similar competitor ICA’s (who your competitors are selling to)

- conducting surveys

- ask around! If you have friends and family, or you are a part of a few Facebook Groups or online forums, they can be great places to garner insight.

Creating an ICA is such an important step of creating a business, and you want to get it right. Make sure you have the correct method and tools on your side to make sure you create the perfect ICA for your business with our ICA mini course. Get your hands on it here, and let’s take your business to the next level with your perfect Ideal Client Avatar.

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