5 Ways To Grow Your Email List

How To Grow Your Email List With 5 Easy Steps

I cannot stand when people tell me that email marketing is dead. You’ve probably heard it. You’ve probably seen a heading, read an article, with that exact phrase. But it could not be further from the truth! According to CampaignMonitor, email marketing still sits at the extraordinarily high ROI of 4400%. With every $1 spent, that’s an income of $44. Email marketing is clearly not something to be putting on the backburner. Does that sound very dead to you?

Personally, email marketing is my number one revenue generator, and it is simply incomparable to any social media platform. My emails are my own. My own content, curated, perfect, and sharing a conversation with those who want to hear from me and my business most. I am not just a fleeting post in their feed, a story they get distracted by. Email readers are engaged readers, and that’s what makes them some of the best consumers.

But a problem we are always facing? How do we even get more email subscribers? If you’ve utilised your pop-ups on your website, your customers that order are signed up to your newsletter, or you’ve offered a discount and run out of ideas, here are 5 new ways to grow your email list.


Giveaways have centralized a lot around social media, but hosting a giveaway that the entrant has to fill out a sign up form is a great way to gain more email subscribers. However, be careful of this as a lot of people may just unsubscribe after the giveaway is over (a lot like in social media giveaways!) Making sure your giveaway is in line with your brand and compliments your business and what your potential customers want will help keep those email subscribers subscribed.

Another super great way to utilize giveaways are signup forms disguised as a short survey. Incentivize potential subscribers with signup forms such as “Fill out our quick survey for a chance to win a free product worth XXX”. When people are new to your business, they’re less likely to sign up without knowing they’re getting something in return.


The rise of quizzes online in the past 10 years has seen a great opening for marketers wanting to grow their email list. Think about your ideal customer and what sort of problem they could be having, and what sort of answer they might be looking for.

A really great example is the Speaker Lab. They currently have a fun and free quiz on their website that determines how much you should be charging as a speaker. You go through a series of questions that determine your experience, your content and time, and then make you input your email where they send you the result. This works because they know their audience (people who are starting out as public speakers) and they know what these people will be searching for answers. What is a problem that your ideal client needs the answer to?

Whether this in the form of a fun and frivolous quiz or an informative quiz that will help align the participant with relevant information, the quiz answer has to be enough for the person to want to input their email address to get the results.

Social Media

Social media is where you should be sharing your sign up form, quizzes, and any other marketing to grow your email list. Other than directly sharing links and asking people to sign up, there are other ways to boost your email subscribers through social media.

Hosting a live or a webinar on Facebook is one great way to boost those email subscribers. You can have a webinar on your niche topic, answer questions (and build a good customer relationship.) Once you’ve finished the live, you can offer a call to action with an incentive such as a freebie sent straight to their email related to your live. Or for people that missed out, you can add a link that will allow them to be sent a recorded version straight to their inbox, after signing up of course.

If you opted to start a Facebook Group, a great way to source emails is by having a section for new Facebook Group members to sign up for your email. When filling out questions to gain access to your Facebook Group, a section to enter their email is a super simple way to generate more subscribers. If you’re building an audience on social media, you also want to be taking that audience across to emails, too.

Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are easily one of the most effective ways to grow your email list for free. You’ve probably even downloaded a lead magnet before. If you’re new to the term, a lead magnet is something you offer for free – usually something quick and easy for your audience to digest, like a PDF – that they get in exchange for providing you their email address.  

When creating a lead magnet for your audience, it’s important to have your ideal client in mind. You want to create something that is valuable and worth exchanging their email address for your content. This comes back to really understanding what problems your ideal client is facing, what problems you solve, and how you can offer something to them that is valuable, whilst also not ALL the information that you’re just giving away for free. You need to want your customer impressed by your valuable lead magnet, enough that they build trust with you but also leaving them wanting more. As with anything to do with your niche, the more specific you are, the better leads you will generate.

If you get stuck, here are some great ideas for a lead magnet;

- Cheat sheet (a guide)

- Ebook

- Checklist

- Industry report

- Mini Ecourse

- Template

- Workbook

- Gated Content (content that readers can only see once they input their email address)

Free Classes & Webinars

I have only just jumped onto the bandwagon for online webinars and boy do I wish I had started it sooner! Webinars are such a great way to capture any social media followers into email marketing subscribers. In many ways like a lead magnet, you can advertise this freebie to the masses, providing them insight or content, something super valuable to your ideal client, in exchange for their email address. I find this is a really effective way to garner email addresses from serious clients. Clients that already know about you, but maybe haven’t yet purchased from you. This is the next step to let them know about you, show off your expertise and then be able to sell directly to their inbox!

Email marketing has such a massive ROI, and any sort of numbers on your email list is a good number. Grow more, and make more money with our simple tips. Tell us what works for you and other email marketing hacks below!

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