Mum Boss - A Chat with Miss Morni Penni

For our latest issue of Girl Boss Mag, we were excited to unveil a new segment in our magazine - Mum Boss. Here, we chatted to three different women of the Mornington Peninsula who are killing it in terms of running their own business and being a mum. We were fortunate enough to chat to the ever-hilarious Katie Jones, or as her alias on the internet would have her as, Miss Morni Penni. 

What do you find is the hardest part about being a working mum?

Probably my biggest challenge is time management, compartmentalizing when I’m working and when I’m home. I need to just have boundaries really clearly applied. When time’s up for work, it’s up and I’ll have to just be present with the kids. It’s just having all those balls in the air - and the balance that doesn’t exist. If
I’m writing and sort of in that flow, then I have to stop and go change a nappy. It’s wearing all these hats while also staying present.

On the flip side, what do you think is the best part of it?

Being able to work remotely offers you that flexibility to plan work around other important things. I love being able to help out at school with my eldest, to be able to pick and choose what clients and work I take on. Having the independence that you get to choose something that you’re really passionate about, and then you get to shape your working life.

Is there anything you wish could be available or different for working mums?

I would love to have a co-working space where you get all that interaction with other adults, but has a childcare facility on site as well, so I could take my youngest with me to work and pick and choose my days that I’m doing there. I’d love to have a place that I could take her and she could do something cool whilst I also get my work done.

With your brand’s Instagram, how do you make sure you’re not oversharing?

Before I started using Instagram for business, it really was just about lifestyle and living on the Peninsula and our lives. Then it morphed from that. I just started using it for business as well. Then it was like do clients really want to see me looking like shit? I’m chasing my kids around, like, is that really good for my brand? However, I’ve just got to a place where I thought, ‘I just want to be as authentic as possible.’ If people think “she’s crazy,” then they’re probably not my people anyway. And it’s worked out really well for business. I think people love seeing sort of the behind the scenes stuff. My partner’s boundary is we can’t have people know where we live. So, no school uniforms or anything like that in any of the pictures, just around safety for the children. 

If you could go back to when you had your first born, what advice would you give yourself?

Probably don’t move to another country and have a baby because I had no idea about the support that I would need. I’d probably say to myself, yeah, don’t do that. I think in terms of advice, chill out a little bit.

What about advice for mum’s returning to the workforce for the first time?

Enjoy it. It’s completely fine to be upset too, or not be. When I used to drop my oldest off, I just cried the whole way to work and I would allow myself that 20 minutes to cry, then go into work. It’s really hard leaving your kids for the first time. However, my philosophy is always that I’m providing them with a really positive role model and that is really important.

Read more about Katie and her work as Miss Morni Penni here.



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