Is Child Care In Australia Accomplishing Parents Goals?

The 2017 Child Care Services Industry Report gave us some great insight to what is happening in the world of day care's in Australia. We dissected it for you to give you the information you need to know.

The figures at a glance:

  • Industry revenue is projected to grow at an annualised rate of 11.7%, to $10.6 billion. Further increases to government expenditure and rebates, which are expected to increase by 18.5%.
  • Employment numbers are expected to increase by an annualised 10%, driven by higher wages and an expected increase in the number of operational child care centres. 
  • Child care has an annual growth of 6.1%
  • Employment in child care is expected to grow 15.2% by 2020

Family Day Care Vs. Centre Based

A recent study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies looked at the differences between child care centre staff and family day care staff, and the way they worked with parents to understand the differences between home and the centre.

Child care centre staff focused more on a strong emphasis on informal exchanges at drop off & pick up times, whereas family day care staff suggested a stronger focus on finding out about parent’s wishes and preferences.
Family day care staff were also found to be more likely to work with parents to understand their perspectives on child rearing compared to child care centre workers.

Despite the family day care staff efforts however, child care centre staff we’re more likely to actually find out differences compared to family day care workers.
So even though family day care staff might be able to take more time to talk to you, child care centre staff also worked excellently to understand the differences between home and their centres. Remember - there is no right or wrong when choosing what is best for your family!


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