How To Juggle Parenthood and Work

The Juggle Is Real

Parenting is no walk in the park, regardless of your employment status. However, if you’re a working parent finding the juggle of it all overwhelming, you’re not alone. A recent study by Manchester University and the Institute of Social and Economic Research at Essex University found that working mothers were 18% more stressed than any other people. If you’re one of the people nodding along to that statistic, here are some tips to help you handle the juggle! 

Put The Guilt Away

Even though this is so much easier said than done, you should never feel guilty for providing for your family. Showing your child that you can be more than ‘mum’ is not a bad thing! Many parents need to work for financial reasons, and some don’t. Some parents return to the workforce because they need something outside of the home, or because they simply love their jobs. Just because you are a parent, does not mean you become less ‘you.’ You are allowed to love your job, to leave for work, and not feel guilty for it. Promise.


Know Your Limits

Something about modern day parenting seems to make us believe we must do it all. Parent burnout is just as real as work burnout and is not healthy for anybody. Be aware of the times that you can feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or evaluate situations before saying yes as to avoid biting off more than you can chew. It is ok to say no.

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“As a working mom my biggest struggle is not the demands of my job, but the battle I have with myself second guessing whether or not I’m making the right decision by going back to work. Pre-baby I worked so hard to get to where I am today, but being a mom is by far the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I am currently trying to find the balance between work and motherhood. I want to be the best mom I can be so it’s important no matter how tired I am that I have enough energy to be present at home during bath time, to play, to read, to snuggle. Those moments are cherished even more so now. As important as my career has been to me no job is more fulfilling than being a mom. First and foremost I am mommy to Isabelle Rose and I’m thankful she gave me that title secondly I am a career woman. I think it’s important to lift other working mamas up and encourage one another because nobody understands better than mothers, we are in this together! Here’s to the working mamas let’s show them that it’s possible to have it all even if we struggle finding the balance.” — Brittany B. // @brittbbarnard ⠀ Brittany Barnard is mommy to a gorgeous baby girl, and an award top performing marketing executive for @king5seattle. ⠀ ✨Join our tribe @workingmomkind for advice, features, tips, and support!✨

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Set Boundaries

Similar to knowing your limits, setting boundaries between personal and work life is so important. Turn your work phone off when you are with your children, or mute work calls and emails. If you work from home, set aside a place that is your work zone, that is separate to your living area, as not to remind you of the work to-do list when you are busy with the kids.

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“Work looks a little different these days. The crazy thing about owning your own business is that there is no leave but your hours are more flexible. I started working again the day after she arrived, and at first it was just all about survival. Now as we’ve moved past that, I think it has helped my husband and I both set better boundaries for work, helped us become more efficient, & see what changes we need to make to be most present in her life.” — Whitney W. // @whitneyjweiss ⠀ Today we are featuring Whitney Weiss- wife, mama to a beautiful baby girl, mama to a big fur baby, and VP of Sales and Marketing for @weisswatchcompany. Weiss Watch Company restores prestige to American watchmaking and they also design and handcraft timepieces. ⌚️ ⠀ Follow her adventures @whitneyjweiss 👈🏼 ⠀ ✨Join our tribe @workingmomkind for advice, features, tips, and support!✨

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Get Organised

A diary or calendar, or a wall planner in a communal area, can help keep everyone on track with appointments, doctor’s visits, parent/teacher interviews and all the other dates that are too easy to lose track of. Let everyone keep updated, write down appointments as they come up, or even get an app that can let you all stay in the loop. Whether technology or paper trail, find something to keep the family organised.

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My Boss: How good are you at multitasking?🤔 ⠀ Me: Well, yesterday I talked to a client while making dinner, holding a teething baby as I fed another baby without letting my kindergartener fall off the counter all while reading your weekly newsletter. So I’d say I’m pretty good at multi-tasking... ⠀ Today we are featuring Carly from @a_modern_mom. Carly balances her dream career in corporate America, raising her three children (mom of twins + one), and her blog A Modern Blog. She has found an excellent work-life balance that allows her to work three days a week and gets to spend the rest of the time with her family. Carly started her blog in August 2016 as a way to share her pictures and daily life. After six months of blogging, one of her pictures went viral on Pinterest and her blog quickly grew from a hobby blog into so much more... Follow her adventures @a_modern_mom👈🏼 ⠀ ✨Join our tribe @workingmomkind for advice, features, humor, tips, support, and more!✨

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Self – Care Is Key

Between work and parenting, time to yourself might be scarce. That means there is no better reason to pencil some time in. Whatever fills your cup, whether it be a cliche form of self-care with bubble baths and face masks, time with your girlfriends, or just watching a movie that isn’t G-rated, find what makes you feel you again, and make time to do it.

Finally, accept that life will be crazy and chaotic for a while. That wouldn’t change if you were stay at home mum either. Prioritise what’s really important. If the dishes are getting to you, do them. But if they can wait one more day, then leave them. The world will still turn, and you will not be any less of a mother/wife/human being because of it. Working while raising children isn’t for the faint of heart, but the rewards are bountiful.


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