Why The Census Is Fantastic For Small Business

The Census 2016 was a messy project executed by the government last year, there is no denying that! But the information the Census can provide owners of small business is imperative to finding out what your customer needs.

Recently in a chat with Frankie & Roy owner, Jess Haley, we spoke about one of the first early steps in starting a small business - creating the 'perfect customer'. This is when you sit down and think hard about who you want your product to be sold to. You write every single thing you can think of about this person; what they do for work, where they buy their food, where they buy their clothes, how many children they have, whether they are married, etc. Every single detail, just short from providing them a social security number.

This is an important part of marketing. It helps make sure you are putting your advertising dollars in places that will actually reach your intended market, and understanding your customers needs AND wants is how you will excel at providing the right product. 

But how do we find out what our customers need? That's when the Census comes into a great play. The Census is one of the most useful free market research tools available for small businesses, and as the information is now reaching a year old, it isn't too far away to be deemed irrelevant. Some of the information we pulled from the Census regarding women in business on the Mornington Peninsula includes:

- 50.5% of women are working on the Mornington Peninsula

- 21.8% of women are volunteering on the Mornington Peninsula

- Our highest age group was women aged 45 and over

This information helps Girl Boss provide relevant and useful information to women working on the Peninsula. 

You can visit the Mornington Peninsula Census Profile to learn more about our region!

You can learn more statistics about working women in Girl Boss Mag! Subscribe here.

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