Where Should I Advertise My Business? (And Not Break The Budget!)

Free and Cheap Marketing Ideas

Finding cheap business advertising is no easy feat. Finding quality advertising for a small investment is an even bigger mountain to climb. We’re all sticking to a strict budget in small business, so you want to make sure that the money you’re spending will help your business. So, how do you sort out the advertising and marketing ideas that are worth it, compared to the ones that may not be worth it for your business?

The most important part of any advertising or marketing campaign is, simply, the return on investment, or R.O.I. You could be spending as little or as much as you want, but without those results, there is no point investing anything if you’re not seeing something for it.
Free advertising ideas obviously appeal to us instantly, but most free advertising measures do require hard work. More investment will see more return, but if you’re just starting out in business or dipping your toe into a marketing campaign, small investments are the perfect way to begin.
These are the places you need to be advertising your business on, that are sure to get a high R.O.I., and won’t break the budget.

Should I Advertise In Print?

should I advertise in a magazine?


Simply put – yes.
Obviously depending on your ideal client and demographic, will depend on which print advertising medium works best for you and your business.
Print has evolved from what we once knew, but unlike any other advertising platform, the consistency of print marketing cannot be beat.
Print marketing offers brand building and awareness, and if you’re advertising with a fantastic print publication, you are immediately showing the reader that you align with the same values and business practices. People buy from businesses they trust, and if they see your business in a magazine or print publication with a reputable name, they are much more likely to trust your business too.
Customers that pay for their information show they are serious consumers about their niche. The niche that you hopefully sell a product or service in.
With so much for free on the internet, the common thought for business owners is that people won’t pay for information or content anymore. What I’ve found, however, puts that thought the furthest from the truth.
Print advertising holds prime real estate for businesses, as they are usually limited to a certain amount of businesses, and may only take one business or service of its kind per issue.
You know these customers see value in content, and are more likely to spend money on things they see worthwhile than customers who are using free mediums.

Make Money Through Facebook Groups

make money through facebook groups
Facebook Groups is another great way to target your demographic and niche in the one spot. There is a Facebook Group for everything now, meaning your target audience is right there, marketed down for you.
Lots of groups do have rules to abide by, and no one wants a spammer who takes more than they give in a group. Making sure you are still providing input and content to the group, whether through advice, commenting on other posts or creating (non-promotional) posts of your own, will ensure you are building trust and a good reputation with your potential customers. That way when the time does roll around that you can promote, they will already see your familiar face and name and brand familiarity. It will also ensure you don’t get booted from the group, too, as admins like to make sure there are not people there just to promote for free.
There is no doubt this can be a time-consuming process, but returns can be really valuable through Facebook Groups. Scheduling is a must to keep track of when and what you are posting, and to which group.
You can download our free Facebook Groups workbook and checklist here for more information on how you can make money through Facebook Groups.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

facebook and instagram ads
For a bit more investment, it’s time to turn your attention to Facebook and Instagram Ads. Just like Facebook Groups, there are niches in every part of social media. Facebook Ads do a lot of the hard work for you when finding those groups and niches to directly advertise through.
Facebook Ads do take time to get your head around, so investment in a course, workshop or even outsourcing to someone else is highly recommended. Once you do know what you’re doing, however, the potential R.O.I with Facebook and Instagram Ads is quite staggering.
Everyone is on social media, and, depending on your target audience will depend if you go down the route of Facebook or Instagram. There are opportunities to retarget customers that may have been close to purchasing but didn’t quite click through, test target audiences to see if they are actually the audience who wants your  product, and all for a relatively low investment price.
Video is the strong point on Facebook, as is not having too many words in your copy. Visually appealing ads is what social media loves, so make sure your ads will convert by making them visually spectacular.

Email Marketing Is Not Dead

email marketing is not dead
If you’re worried email marketing is dead – fear not! Email marketing is more than alive, but with everything in this increasingly changing world, we need to evolve with it.
Content is the biggest server for email marketing, and will be the decider on whether your email marketing campaign is a success or not.
There will very rarely be a list of 1000+ email subscribers who all subscribed because of the same thing. Blindly assuming that EVERYONE wants to see a sale, just because, it’s a sale, is where a lot of people go wrong in this space. Segmenting your email list is an absolute must if you’re wanting to make sure your email opens and click-throughs stay high. Segment your lists down to what your subscribers usually open, what made them sign up to your email list in the first place (a purchase? Freebie? Competition?) and that will give you some insight into what they want to see from you in their emails in the future.
Email marketing is also used to capture abandoned carts, garner reviews from past customers, and offer freebies and loyalty items to existing customers.
Email marketing is well and truly alive, as long as you’re doing it right!
There you have it! Our top picks for free and cheap marketing ideas for small business owners. Do you think we tackled the best, or do you have a free and cheap marketing strategy that is helping grow your business? Tell us in the comments!
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