The Best Examples Of Great Email Copy

How To Nail Your Email Copy

Why Email Copy Is More Important Than You Think

examples of great email copy

I shop online, a lot, so I'm frequented with emails from businesses either trying to sell me things, up-sell me things, tell me the thing they did sell me is on its way or asking me if I liked the thing they sold me. In all honesty, I only click on about half of these. Naturally, I always click on any order confirmations or tracking updates. These give me valuable information, and aren't just trying to sell me something amongst the thousands of other emails I receive per day. They have already sold me something, so what can they do to make me go their website from that email and potentially become a return buyer? The email copy. I have seen some fantastic email copy in my time, and I have seen some less than fab email copy. Sometimes, it can make or break a sale. Make sure you are nailing your email copy with these great examples below. 

First of all, what is email copy?

Email copy is the writing you see in the subject line and in the actual bulk of the email. Your copy on your website is usually product descriptions, information about your or your business, and blog posts. The copy on websites is usually used to sell your products or service and to rank well in search engines. Email copy doesn't have to worry about SEO, it's purely about talking to the customer, which means you can have more fun with it and worry about keywords less.

Why should I be nailing this?

Your customers and clients are getting lots of emails every day. Standing out in a crowded inbox can be hard, but with the write subject lines and email copy, you can make sure to be seen. Emails also help abandoned checkout rates and keep you connected with your customers. 

Does anybody actually check their emails anymore?

Despite so many believing so, email marketing is far from dead. Of course, there is good and bad ways to go about it, which can all depend on who your target audience is and what content they want to see. However, for me, good emails have helped hurt my credit card more times than I can count. Emails help remind me of that great thing I wanted to purchase, or that item I was checking out but wasn't ready to commit to sale yet. Great emails make me commit to a purchase right then and there. Life is busy, your customers and clients are busy, and that gentle reminder (that is worded perfectly) is the reminder they need to buy your stuff. 

Examples of great email copy:

Go-To Skincare

Make order confirmations more fun with personalised copy instead of the stock standard one. Make sure to keep it within your brand identity to make sure you stand out.


Instead of sending a stock standard email notification about a shipping order, why not send one that is fun and full of bold personality and branding, like this one from Damselfly.

Mama Disrupt

Add emojis to your email subject line to stand out in a boring email inbox. This email went straight to the point - keeping the main focus on the magazine and the beautiful pages inside. Every photo clicked back to purchase the magazine and it was kept super simple and easy. 

You too can update your email copy by adding your own personal touches to stock standard emails and trialling new email subject lines. 

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