Should I Advertise In Print? 5 Reasons To Advertise In A Magazine

Print Media Is Not Dead

If you’ve wondered about making the plunge and advertising your business in a magazine, this is the article for you. We take you through five of the very best reasons you need to be putting your pages in print with magazine advertising.

Magazine advertising has come a way since its inception. With the wave of Google and the internet, some people think print media is dead. I’m happy to tell them that print media is still alive and kicking! Magazines are actually thriving in this day and age, as they adapt and evolve into online and content-rich avenues for readers and businesses alike.

Now is the time to invest in print advertising, but if you still need a little nudge in the right direction, here are our top reasons why you need to invest in magazine ads.

Niche Down

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One of the absolute best reasons to advertise in print media, and more importantly magazines, is the fact that your business is being served up directly to your niche. Magazines are greatly specific about the kind of readership they have, as most have a direct niche they target to also. If you find one that aligns with your target audience, you are immediately putting your biz in front of those who want it the most.

The great thing about magazines is that there is quite literally one for any niche, these days. No matter who your target audience is, there will be a magazine, whether in print or digital, that serves them. The magazine does a lot of the hard work, too. They source the readers, and are always working to sell more magazines, and in turn get you in front of more people that actually care about your products and services.

So, while other advertising platforms may be great about getting the word out, none are quite as great at getting the word out to your direct customers as well as print magazine advertising does.

Budget Friendly

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While many are put off by the thought of advertising in print because they believe the prices may hold them back, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Print advertising mediums have become a lot more budget-friendly in recent years, with digital magazines, local small-run print magazines and even the big press publications giving many small businesses the chance to advertise and not break the budget.

Other advertising mediums, such as Facebook or Instagram ads, usually take some expertise and a larger budget than print advertising. Social media advertising is also at a slight disadvantage with the potential for it to be a hit and a miss. Refining down your niche and getting in front of customers is so super easy with print, for roughly the same price or cheaper than social media ads.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly magazine and print advertising option, Girl Boss Mag provides magazine advertising from just $50.

Value-Based Customers

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We’ve already spoken about how great magazines are at getting your business directly in front of ideal customers, but what else about these readers that makes it so great? The thing about living in the 21st Century is that we can get a lot of content, media and more online these days. Many people enjoy and utilise that we have things at the click of a button for free. Magazine readers, however, obviously see higher value in content, and continue to purchase, download and invest money into a niche that your product or service sits in. In a world of Google, that’s a big thing.

Lot’s of people want something for nothing these days, which saw a decline at first in print media (and is still a reason why many think it’s dead!) However, print publications do continue to thrive through the content value readers put into magazines. In turn, you now know these readers will pay money for something they see value in. If your business lines up to the magazine’s niche and brand, they are much more likely to spend money on it, rather than someone who is served up your ad on a free advertising medium.

Brand Identity & Awareness

Should I Advertise In Print?

There’s something special about seeing your business in print, on a newsstand, next to or inside the pages of a highly coveted magazine or print publication. This isn’t lost on your readers, either. Pages on prime magazines and newspapers are still hot property because of the ‘symbol’ it gives your business and brand. Aligning yourself with a great brand marks you as a brand that can be trusted to a loyal readership.

Magazines are also great for brand awareness campaigns, as people who are reading a magazine are much more invested in what’s in front of them than someone who may be scrolling on their phone. Brand awareness can be made through multiple print issues, for maximum results.

It doesn’t have to be big brand magazines, either. Readers, and particularly subscribers to magazines usually have a great deal of trust in the magazine they get every quarter or month. Your business aligning with a brand they already trust builds a customer relationship instantly.

Dip Your Toe In

Should I Advertise In Print

If you’re just starting out in business, it can be really daunting with all the possible ways to go in marketing. When you’re not quite sure who your target market is, or if your product or service will gain a lot of attention, the starting out phase of a business can certainly be your trial and error phase. This is ok though, as magazine advertising can give a good gauge to what direction you would like to go in next.

Magazine advertising offers you the chance to test out a product or services suitability within a particular niche, without too much risk, loss of money or time.

Some advertising platforms need a big commitment, but most publication advertising you can purchase in a one-off capacity, or a small print run.

Magazines have really come a long way since they first started printing, but it certainly isn’t dead. As we change the game and continue to evolve with the times, print and magazine advertising can still remain as a fantastic way to advertise and market your business.

If you’re ready to find out more about print magazine advertising on a budget, head to our advertiser page where you can read our media kit and see how you can make a great R.O.I thanks to magazine ads.

Got a different style of print advertising in mind? Newspaper advertising is still a platform you can make work for your business. NewsMedia wrote a fantastic article about how you can invest in print newspaper ads.

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