How To Pitch Your Business To A Magazine

how to pitch to a magazine editor

Whatever your business, there is probably a magazine in your niche somewhere out there, whether in print or online. Getting your business or product coverage in a magazine with an audience within your niche is an amazing way to get coverage and reach for your demographic. Magazine advertising can sometimes be expensive (not us, though!), so for every business it might not be within your budget to buy advertisement space. Pitching your business as an article is another way to get inside the magazine, and editors are always looking for new, good content to include. So we put together our best tips to pitch to a magazine editor, all from our Editor-In-Chief, Taneesha Davis. 


Sell your story, not your business.

You might have an absolutely fantastic business that you believe everyone should know about, but ultimately, the magazine is not their to sell your product for you. (Unless you purchase advertising space, of course!) Editor's need to know what their readers will receive from this article. will you provide information? An inspiring story? A success story? Or do you have an article idea for their demographic, where you can mention your business in the contributor section? There are many ways to include your business without directly making it a sell on your products.


Find out who the editor is.

Ultimately, it will be the editor who decides whether your story and business is a good fit for the magazine and audience it will promote to. So find out the editor's name and direct email (if you can) or if the website has a specific application process for pitching your business, follow the instructions EXACTLY that are provided. If it says not to contact the editor directly, do not contact the editor directly. If there is guidelines and you don't follow them, you won't be considered, no matter how great your business story is. 


Make Them Want More

Once you have the 'story' that you want to pitch to the editor, now is the time to actually do the pitching! Keep the email brief, but straight to the point. In the first two paragraphs the editor should know exactly what your story is and why they should know more. Think of the stories you are intrigued by as a customer. Think of the wording and emotional targeting that was used for you to read more. This is what will make an editor pick up your story.

Say you were pitching to our magazine. We get a lot of press releases in a week, some that make us wanting to know the story behind the business, and some that we don't as much. 


Don't: 'Hawaii Shoes' Has Opened

Do: Best friend duo bring a taste of Hawaii to the Peninsula. 


Don't sell yourself short.

This is not the time to be modest. If you have won awards, if you have done something spectacular, tell them! Tell them what is interesting, unique and exciting and different about your brand and why the NEED to write an article about your business or interview you. If you don't think your story is amazing and newsworthy, neither will the editor. 

Pitching to magazines, whether through a press release or if wanting to get media coverage on your business, can seem daunting, but its a worthwhile and brand building avenue to explore. The best thing you can do is reach out and try!

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