All About Business 'Love Languages'

You may have heard about the '5 love languages' before, possibly even taken a test to determine which love language is yours in romantic relationships. If you haven't, it is a theory based from Gary Chapman's 'The Five Love Languages', stating we all work around 5 different ways to love and be loved; gift giving, quality time, words of affirmation, touch and acts of service. We all apparently have a primary and secondary love language. You can find yours here.

But a lesser talked about 'love language', is the ones we use in business. These can be just as, possibly even more, important to understand than the ones we use in our everyday relationships. Love languages in business is all about understanding YOUR business 'love language' - so what you respond to most positively, what you appreciate most, and what you deem as recognition are all great ways to learn about yourself so you know what you want the most out of your employee, coworkers, and even yourself. Learning about the five 'business love languages' is also great for employers and supervisors, in helping them get a better understanding of their team.

The same 5 love languages used in romantic relationships could be applied for the workplace.

Gift giving - gifting your employees to show thanks.

Quality Time - this could either be giving extra time in mentoring for an employee or even quality time as in more time off work.

Words of affirmation - words of praise from a boss or coworker to an employee.

Touch - Maybe a bit different to how it is interpreted in the romantic 5 love languages, but better body language that conveys a more positive message also works.

Acts of service - doing a task an employee or coworker was assigned to alleviate stress or help them out.

You don't have to fill out a quiz or get everyone in your office to, but having an open discussion about what you value and appreciate, and how you will feel appreciated by them is a great step in creating a communicative workspace that values its team members.

Gary Proudman has also created a book all about the 5 Workplace Love Languages which you can read here.

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