63 Cheap and Free Marketing and Advertising Ideas

Free And Cheap Advertising Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

As a small business owner, I know too well the struggle of finding quality free and cheap advertising. I know I need to get my business in front of customers, but when I started out, I had a very small budget and had to work closely within that. Cheap and free marketing might sound like a dream to most business owners, but it is entirely possible when you think hard and outside-the-box.

The most important thing with any of these marketing options, is consistency. Pick a few off this list, and trial them for a consistent and thorough amount of time. The great thing about a lot of these options is that they can run concurrent to each other, meaning you don’t have to just keep focused on one.

However, being AMAZING in one area of marketing and advertising is much better than being below-average in a lot of them. So do take the time to see if these are the right marketing and advertising options for you and your business.

Without further ado, here are 63 free and cheap marketing ideas to implement in your business now!

Free and Cheap Social Media Marketing

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Instagram
  5. Solo Competitions
  6. Cross-Marketing Competition
  7. Instagram Take-Over
  8. Pinterest Re-Pins
  9. LinkedIn Networking
  10. Pinterest Infographics
  11. Pinterest Product Images
  12. LinkedIn Blog Posts
  13. YouTube Videos
  14. Create a GIF
  15. Influencer marketing

Cheap Online Advertising

  1. Blog
  2. Guest Blogging
  3. Guest Bloggers
  4. Blog Tour
  5. Blog Ads
  6. 30 Day “Challenge” (that gets people to participate and help spread the word)
  7. Free workbook, ebook or download
  8. Creating quizzes
  9. Free Webinar or Online E-course
  10. Link sharing
  11. Put Your FB Business Page on Your Personal Pages Bio
  12. Pop-Up on website
  13. Abandoned cart emails
  14. Email marketing
  15. Create a Google+ Profile

Customer Service Marketing Ideas

  1. Handwritten thank you notes
  2. Gifts or bonuses for loyal customers
  3. Customise your email signature to include your website
  4. Get reviews from customers
  5. Comment on others blogs
  6. Participate in online forums
  7. Add your business to free directories
  8. Be interviewed on a podcast
  9. Be interviewed for a magazine
  10. Meet an online friend IRL
  11. Speak at events
  12. Attend relevant networking events
  13. Attend workshops
  14. List your business so it appears on Google Maps
  15. Apply for business awards

Outside The Box Marketing Ideas

  1. Print business cards and give them out/put them in business card bowls
  2. Print flyers and brochures for mail drop
  3. Donate prizes to raffles or auctions
  4. Donate products for gift bags for events
  5. Magnetic sign for your car
  6. Attend an expo
  7. Have a local market stall
  8. Sponsor a youth sports team
  9. Make an AMAZING Press release and send them to relevant media
  10. Write an article for a publication
  11. Write a book
  12. Run an event
  13. Run a free workshop or class
  14. Participate in big sale events such as Black Friday
  15. Write a list!
  16. Trade Your Services
  17. Wear Logo Apparel
  18. Public Transport Advertising

There you have it! Our round up of the 63 BEST free and cheap marketing ideas. Did these inspire you to try them out ASAP? Have you put any on your to-do list? Or maybe it gave you a brand new idea of what to do in your business? We hope all of these and more help you and your brand grow. Let us know how you go in the comments below.

As you can see, social media is one of the best free mediums for marketing. If you’re still after assistance for creating a killer social media marketing campaign, we have our FREE Ultimate Social Media For Business Workbook, that can walk you through everything you need to be doing to make money and be seen on social media.

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