5 Reasons To Ask For Customers Feedback

In a recent blog post I spoke about the 2016 Census and how important it is to do market research on your customer base to find your 'ideal customer'. But what happens when you find your ideal customer? When you have a good list of amazing return rate customers? Do you sit back and let the products speak for themselves? In a perfect world, that would be great! However, studies (and some time working in the customer service industry) show that customers not only want their opinions to be heard, but it is imperative to your business structure that you ask your customers for feedback. Here are our 5 top reasons for asking for customer's feedback:

1. Your 'ideal customer' is not black and white

As with everything in life, your 'ideal customer' is completely changing. While you may think you have the perfect set of customers lined up for your next product launch, circumstances change and the once perfect for your product customer may not longer be. This can mean you are wasting valuable time, resources and money advertising and marketing to a customer demographic that might no longer be your target audience.

2. Customer's have opinions (and lot's of them!)

There are two type of people that seem to be a lot more outspoken than others; toddlers, and disgruntled customers. With the rise of social media it is oh so easy for customers to bring to light their grievances with a company. And with word of mouth still one of the most invaluable ways to source new customers, and create returning customers, an online slandering can be fatal to a business. Asking for your customer's opinion and feedback straight off the bat can avoid a social media scandal and open a dialogue with your customer, that can really make their concerns/complaints feel validated.

3. Know where you're going wrong

Sometimes you think something is fantastic, an amazing product that everyone must completely love, right? Maybe not so. Even though the product might be great in your eyes, some people may find no benefit/use or may be struggling with packaging or using the product. Knowing especially what problems your products can potentially pose is super important to create something your customers will rave about.

4. Know where you're going right

On the other side, you can know what your customers love about your products! It's always nice to hear positive feedback, but it is good to know what customers really like and what should stick around. Once you know a feature or product your customers consistently give positive reviews to, you can focus that point in marketing to new customers.

5. Suggestions

Customer's are not just useful tools to get feedback on existing products, sometimes customers have great ideas on which direction where they would love to see the business going in. This is particularly helpful if is a recurring theme among your most loyal customer base, as we said before your ideal customer is not so black and white, and they are forever changing. If your ideal customers seem to mostly agree in a new product/new direction of the business, it has a greater chance of being successful.

Mostly, it's just important to keep the customer dialogue open. Customer's like friendly and helpful customer service, and they will give their hard earned money over to people who respect and value them. Reward your customers for their feedback, and they will continue to reward you with loyalty, word of mouth reviews and positive feedback!

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