How Do I Start Volunteering At Events?

The events industry can sound like a pretty lucrative deal - what with all the travelling, meeting amazing people and getting to attend (and create!) some of the countries greatest events! But ask any event planner and they will tell you the not so glamorous side of events - the long hours, the deadlines and the stress that can come from putting together events is no joke. So if you are thinking of giving event planning a try, volunteering is the thing for you!

Volunteering is more than just people helping a charity or uni students trying to get their foot in the door, volunteering is a fantastic way to find your bearings in the event industry and figure out what you really like. The great thing about events is that you will either love it or hate it - there is no in between. You will either become so immersed in the thrill of it all or be completely turned off that you will be happy never to see another Excel spreadsheet ever again. 

With so many different avenues in event planning these days, it's great to have a niche. Whether that be children's parties, wedding's, corporate or something completely different, volunteering lets you experience a whole range of events without ever having to be locked down.

Free networking is something we generally think social media or LinkedIn can provide us, but volunteering is the easiest and cheapest way to meet the people to help you grow in the events industry. If you show initiative and a genuine interest, the people planning the event will take notice. If you blow them away at a few events, they might ask you to go on to paid employment as a professional event staff. Even if they don't, everyone know's everyone in this industry and one good recommendation from the right person can cause a snowball effect. After volunteering at my first ever event, the company I was volunteering for asked me to come on as Coordinator Assistant at their next event. I would never of gotten that opportunity if I didn't put the effort in as a volunteer.

And most importantly, volunteering is so much fun. The people I have met through volunteering have become friends I will hold onto for life, and the love I have for this industry is all thanks to them. 

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So give volunteering a go today! 


This article first appeared on Midnight Memories and has being re-posted here with permission.