MP Kickass Collective Event Recap

The MP Kickass Collective is the newest group of women creating a whole host of events for women in business on the Peninsula! Having just finished their second 'wine night' and a few amazing events lined up in the near future, we thought we would should tell you why you need to attend the next MP Kickass Collective event!

So, what can I expect?

  • Great Company


One of the many downfalls of working for yourself is that you aren't around creative people all that often and it can get a bit lonely! However, you will NEVER feel alone with the immense amount of love and support and seriously fantastic women that surround you at MP Kickass Collective. These women are all doing the hard yards in business just like you - and they are here to support you! It is truly a community of having fun and helping each other succeed in this crazy world of small business!

  • Wine! (And lots of great food too, of course!)


The food is fantastic, but lets be real, it wouldn't be a girls kickass event without wine! The last MP Kickass Collective Wine Night was held at The Lounge Room Bar in Mornington, which offered a huge selection of wine and alcohol, because even though we work hard in our businesses, its also important to play hard too!

  • A Goody Bag!

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Of course the goody bag is stacked with products from kickass women from the Peninsula and beyond! Brands such as Hello Hair, BYS, and so many more put together a great goody bag of treats for us ladies to take home at the night. Young Folks Digital (who spoke at the last event) put together a checklist for small businesses to help them with their digital marketing and SEO. So while the goody bags are full of products we love, its also full of the products we need!

  • Inspiring & All-Round Amazing Speakers


Erin Morris (Young Folks Digital) gave a fantastic and informative speech about digital marketing to help small businesses at the last wine night, and Megan Luscombe, a local life and relationship coach and doula will be giving a speech at the next one!

The next two events other than the wine night should get you excited though - Emmylou_loves (Emmylou MacCarthy) will be dazzling us with her insight and influencer fame in August, while MissMorniPenni (Katie Jones) will be giving us the lowdown on influencer marketing at a very special breakfast workshop in Mornington. 

The MP Kickass Collective is more than just amazing events though. When you join the community whether it be on line or at events, you are truly welcomed and have a plethora and support and love right at your fingertips. MP Kickass Collective events are a must for any women in business on the Peninsula.

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