Meet The Brand Doing 4 Day Working Weeks

Beaumont People have become the latest business to trial the four-day working week in Australia.

The four-day work week is a phenomenon not generally practised in Australia. For our country, the research is quite limited and the attitude towards this new approach can only be described as hesitant, particularly from employers. However, Beaumont People have undertaken their own research, and plan to implement a trial of a four-day work week beginning 1st of February. This trial will take place over two months and will be optional for eligible employees.  

This announcement comes after extensive research from the company, finding what many international companies have found when exploring the benefits of a shortened week. These include;

  • Reduced stress levels in employees – which in turn provides healthier and happier employees that will want to turn up to work
  • Things got done even in the shorter time periods, and time management was increased greatly
  • Employee engagement increased

You can read more about the research Beaumont People undertook here.

Speaking on the four-day work week, Founder and CEO of Beaumont People Nikki Beaumont, had this to say about their new initiative. “As I continued to research the idea and the many benefits it can produce, I knew that this was something we needed to trial, and our people deserved the opportunity to access this.”

The recruitment agency will be tracking their progress and results of this trial over their social media channels, and announcing the changes this trial has made for their company once the trial completes on 30th of April, 2020. There is no current word on whether they plan to implement this as a long-time solution once the trial is finished, or whether they intend on attempting more trials in the future.

Businesses Joining The Four-Day Work Week

Beaumont People is joining the ranks of a handful of other Australian businesses now offering alternative working weeks for their employees. More recently, Versa made headlines as they announced the results of their four-day working week trial ended in profits almost tripling for the company.

Versa CEO, Kath Blackham, spoke on the results to, and particularly about the impact this is having on women who are trying to find their work-life balance. “If they feel like they can have both a family and a career, that’s a win for me.”

Here’s hoping the companies leading the change in the traditional working week can made a difference and make work environments accessible for all employees.

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