Zincredible Review

Investing in skin care is a smart move. Keeping skin beautiful, hydrated and glowing is imperative to make your makeup look amazing, and those makeup free selfies look even better! But there is no doubt that skincare brands (good ones, at least!) come at a cost, and knowing what is worth the investment or not is not as simple as just reading the label. Go-To Skincare has consistently been a fantastic skincare brand, fronted by genius/writer/former Cosmo Beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake. She knows skincare well, and even wrote a book on it. Along with a long list of already fab skincare products, Zoe and her team have been cultivating a new product for the past four years - Zincredible. And we are pretty excited to tell you that it's finally here. We road tested this new product to give you a run down on whether it is perfect for you and your skin.

Before Applying

In the package from Go-To is a little booklet all about this new, fancy product which gives you the low down on application, what's in the product and why it's good for your skin. It tells you to cleanse and tone skin first, then use serums, then apply moisturiser after waiting for the serum to absorb into the skin. I used my favourite Bold Bird cleanser, and since I was doing a Go-To day, used one of their Transformazing sheet mask for the serum aspect. 


After serums have absorbed into the skin, it's go time. The instructions say to spread two - three pumps of product over face and neck. Let me tell you, two pumps is all you need. A little goes a long way with this product, and one pump for your face and one for your neck and cleavage is more than enough. I will say that you only get a few seconds to really spread it over your skin, as it gets thicker and harder to spread after about 10 seconds.


The instructions say to wait at least a minute before applying anything else over the skin, but I would wait at least five for the skin to absorb the moisturiser. For those having a morning rush to get ready, it may seem like a long wait, but if you put the moisturiser on then get dressed, then start your makeup application, it's fine. I do have dry skin however, so the oiliness of the product didn't have so much of an effect on me. The moisturiser did leave my skin slightly whiter than before, so using it without makeup proved a little less great. Using it under makeup however, was glorious, and what I would guess will be their main selling point. It sits under makeup superbly. It was invisible but somehow also created the perfect blank canvas for my skin. It made me well hydrated and fresh and made my makeup look extra, extra, good. I could sing all the praises about how great this felt and made my makeup look better on my skin. 

At The End Of The Day

I didn't feel the normal heaviness I usually feel with moisturisers at the end of the day, with makeup or without. On the day I went makeup free, I wasn't burnt on my face, and this was in a hot spring day in Melbourne. But I also didn't feel like I was wearing very much anything on my face, and didn't feel the stickiness and oiliness that can come with sunscreen.

Overall Results

There is no denying this is a great product, it is moisturising without leaving my skin feeling heavy, and the sunscreen does not have that overpowering 'zinc' smell or look. It did leave my face slightly whiter than before, and if I had oily skin I'm not sure the results would be the same. If you have dry to normal skin, however, and are looking for a great moisturiser to use as we head into the hot summer months, Go-To's Zincredible is the product for you!

You can get your hands on Zincredible and learn more here.