Beauty Industry Insights

We take to the streets of the Peninsula to do a little consumer research to find out what other women want in a business, in a product and as a customer!

There is no denying the beauty industry is a huge one.

Huge on products, huge on consumers and huge on profits. The beauty umbrella is quite large, encompassing skincare, beauty treatments (massages and facials included!), sunscreen, and hygiene products, plus much more. More than just makeup, the beauty industry is everything you spend on appearance, including brushing your teeth and drying your hair. With so many avenues, it’s no surprise the beauty industry is so profitable.

So how much are Australian women really spending on beauty? According to research by Invisalign, women are spending on average $3,626 per year on beauty and grooming. This is an estimated 5% of income. Melbourne gals spend just over this figure, spending n average of $3,772. Sydney-siders spent far more, coming in at $4,387 a year.

Also in Invaslign’s research, was what women felt most self-conscious about. 36% of women said skin, which isn’t surprising since skincare gains the largest revenue in the global beauty market. But makeup isn’t far behind as the industry’s biggest revenue. According to Money, the average woman will spend $43 on a shopping trip for makeup, and will spend a whopping $15,000 in their lifetime on makeup alone. Out of this was the obvious favourite with mascara, with women spending $3,770 in their lifetime on mascara. Another $2,750 is spent on eye-shadow and a further $1,780 on lipsticks.