Should You See A Naturopath? A Naturopath Answers Your Questions

Naturopath Natalie Gibson from Naturological talks all things wellness
and health in nature with us.

Tell us about Naturological
Naturological is a mobile based naturopathy business, offering consultations in your home or office at a time that suits you. Many people are too busy to focus on their health, so Naturological is removing that obstacle and making health convenient and achievable. We offer consultations and food option tours of your local supermarket to discuss food substitutions, healthier options, food allergies and budget meals depending on your needs. We use a mix of scientific evidence and traditional evidence to assist with health conditions and prevent diseases. We use herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and diet lifestyle amendments. I am a mobile naturopath so the benefit of seeing me is that I can come to you when it suits you best! I have a science background and a keen interest in evidence based approaches whilst using the principles of traditional naturopathy. I hope that I can change the mindset as my treatments are researched based, can be used to support western medicine.

How did you get into Naturopathy?
After studying science and working in the fashion industry, I wanted a change. I
had a keen interest in travel and had been to Africa, Nepal and Tibet, and had been interested in the medicine of the local communities. I started seeing a naturopath myself and it all began to click! I began to feel better but I also found a way to use my science background with my interest of food and medicine.

What is the first consulation like?
It’s all about getting to know you. I ask a range of questions (a lot of questions!), to understand your current symptoms and health concerns. I may recommend herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, diet changes and lifestyle amendments to alter your health state and support your body’s inherent ability to heal. I will send through a full treatment plan outlining what we have discussed including recipes, diet changes, lifestyle improvements and further information.

What sort of challenges have you faced?
There have been challenges, the majority been centred around surrounding myself with people who support and believe in me. When you believe in what you have, success in inevitable. I have found a lot of support from other women in business. Women understand how challenging it is to start your own business,
balance a business with other aspects of your life and are so supportive and willing to give helpful advice.

Why do you believe the health and wellness industry has boomed recently?
I believe this is because when you eat well and exercise you begin to feel well and it’s infectious. People are complex individuals, often presenting with complex illnesses which need to be understood and supported on an individual basis according to their needs.

What is important to you in your personal life?
My family, friends, nature, whole foods and exercise. If my week contains these aspects, I am one happy lady.

Do you have any advice for women in business?
Do it!! It is the most rewarding challenge I have taken on! It has been challenging and tough at some points, you just need to keep going as the rewards are incredible!

You can learn more about Natalie and Naturological here.