How To Have A Healthy Mind with Janelle Lorenzini

Janelle Lorenzini quit her corporate career to help people. Now a full time business, and booked out until 2018, Janelle is the ultimate inspiration story.

Tell us about what you do
My business was founded in 2016, but we officially launched in May 2017. I am an in house counsellor, mentor and coach. I support children, teens and adults in the comfort of their own home. I also offer online and telephone sessions.

What made you want to pursue a career in counselling and therapy?
I (was) in human resources & recruitment for 7 years, and always loved working with people. I found myself passionate about supporting my employees overcome their day to day challenges. It made me realise what my true purpose was in life. I worked for a manager two years ago that was extremely full on, travelling 5 hours to and from work every day, experienced burnout and exhaustion. It was whilst honeymooning I realised a good salary didn’t necessarily bring me joy. I said to my husband that I couldn’t see myself being in Human Resources anymore. 4 months later I resigned without a job and set out on a new journey of exploring.

You recently quit your day job - tell us about that.
It was possibly the scariest thing I have ever done! My husband has being my biggest supporter, without his love and support none of this would be possible. I was juggling end of year uni exams, part time work as well as my
business. I received an influx of clients where there was no time to fit them in. I had to make an extremely impulsive decision there and then to either turn these new clients away or take a leap of faith. It was a no brainer, once I made that decision it was like the universe was waiting because I became booked out until 2018.

Do you have any tips for people struggling with the mental load?

Self-love. How can we provide the best service or best care to our customers and families if we are not even taking care of ourselves? I am still working on it myself however the first step is self awareness. Take a break and recharge. We all need to recharge, we just need to make time.

Have you found much support for women in business?
I have connected with 4 amazing women; Chrissy Leontios (CLEON Legel & Meditation Services), Stephanie Wicker (Simply Kids), Elyse Santilli (Notes On Bliss), and Wendy Gilroy (Mind Momentium). Without their encouragement, guidance and support I wouldn’t be here without them. You need the right supports to bounce ideas off, ask questions and to not feel alone. One of the things I have noticed is people don’t understand the behind the scenes work that doesn’t go on social media. People believe a business appears to be just for the “lucky” people. Let me tell you, I am up until at least midnight minimum working on and in my business.

Tell us about these amazing positive affirmation cards!

After I quit my HR career I didn’t have a job to go to, it was overwhelming. I spent a lot of time reading positive affirmations on Instagram but I wanted to have some to carry with me. I then engaged a graphic designer, took my colour palate to our first appointment and the rest is history.

Do you have any advice for women in business?
Surround yourself with like minded, passionate women who have the same energy and excitement about business. Work on believing yourself, without this super power it can be really hard to take a step forward and move outside of your comfort zone. When you step out of your comfort zone, that is where you bloom!

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