Make It Happen by Michelle Bridges: Book Review

Our first book review of the year! To celebrate our health and wellness packed second issue of Girl Boss Mag, we reviewed one of Australia's best personal trainers and wellness experts new book 'Make It Happen', by Michelle Bridges. You can even win a signed copy of this book by picking up a copy of Girl Boss Mag!

'Don’t be fooled, this is not another diet book. Not even kind of close. This is a book about chasing your passions, finding your goals and building healthy relationships. This is a guide for building a healthy mind and body, and Michelle isn’t molly coddling when she says ‘Just Freakin Do It.’ Giving you case studies from her own customers of her 12WBT plan, stories from her days on Biggest Loser, ‘Meditation In Minutes’ and many many more to help you achieve whatever your goals are. Whether you want to quit your job, be a better you, or you want to focus on your weight loss goals, Make It Happen will give you the push and tools you need to succeed. '

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