Bold Bird: Skincare Product Review

Bold Bird is the newest woman powered skincare brand to make waves on the Peninsula. When I first saw what Lyndsay was doing to recreate how we see skincare, I had to try out her products!

As one boss mum to another, Lyndsay understood that my skin has taken quite the beating. Turns out living off a steady diet of caffeine and scoffed down candy bars while hiding in the cupboard can really destroy someones skin. And the never ending sleepless nights don't help either apparently. Who knew?

So with my new found knowledge that toddlers are terrible for my complexion, I had to figure out what I could do about it. My skin had completely changed since having a child. I used to be oily faced, and had an entire makeup and skincare filled cupboard tailored around it. However, my skin is very dry more often than not now. I had being putting off finding skincare for my new skin type for almost two years, until I stumbled across Bold Bird on Instagram. And boy am I glad I did! 

I decided to start off my Bold Bird journey with 'Clean As', (and 'AfterPayed' it, by the way!), and it arrived on my doorstep less than 24 hours later! Lyndsay made sure to throw in a bunch of samples (the woman knows the way to my heart), so I was lucky enough to try a whole bunch of items. 

My 'Clean As' arrived in the prettiest packaging

I used 'Clean As' on makeup free skin, but it can be used to remove makeup if needed. You don't need to use much of the product, only around a 5c piece, and using a face washer (very fancy), I used on my face and neck. Once washed off, the results were instant! My face was dewy, clean, fresh, and just FELT amazing. It felt moisturised and healthy, and it was a feeling I haven't felt in a long time. I honestly could feel my skin sighing in relief. I did moisturise later that night but I didn't really even feel the need to. 

Bold Bird's 'Clean As'

After using it every single day since, my skin has gotten so much brighter and healthier, and I am so so grateful I stumbled across these products! Bold Bird is also a completely cruelty free product, which is something that's very important to me when choosing beauty products!

If you want to check out the Bold Bird range, you can head over to their website here or follow them on Instagram!