'Amazinger Face' by Zoe Foster Blake - Book Review

Everyone’s dream BFF Zoe Foster Blake is more than just a hilarious front on our Instagram feed, but an absolute guru on all things skincare. Many of us are aware of her skincare brand Go To, who changed the game in skincare online. Now spread to a bunch of products from lip products to pillowcases, it is truly an all inclusive brand. But before launching her own skincare brand, Zoe worked for Cosmopolitan as a beauty editor, and wrote two books on skincare and beauty.

This is the latter of the two books, packed with even more information than the first. Full of insightful and helpful tips on creating (and keeping!) a beautiful complexion, Zoe divulges all the industry’s best beauty secrets, in that witty humour we all love. Zoe understands the struggles we can all face with our skincare, whether it’s eating a little crappy, too much caffeine or just too much toddler in your day, Zoe has a fix for it. If you’re a fan of having the best skin of your life, pick up a copy today!