All About Sheet Masks

If you haven't heard, Zoe Foster Blake and her skincare business Go-To have created a new product - sheet masks! To celebrate, we are teaching you all about sheet masks and their potential power for your skin! If you're not sure whether sheet masks are the right product for you, read on!

1. They Are Not For Everyday Use

Sheet masks may seem to appear on your Instagram every day, but they are not for every day use. Sheet masks are best used once a week, but due to price that can add up pretty steep, pretty quickly. Just as a special treat for special events is a popular alternative if you want to make your skin glowing and makeup to look flawless. 

2. They Are Also Not For Every Skin Type

Even though some are sold as 'for every skin type', many are not. Do a little research about what is in the sheet mask, and figure out whether that will help your skin or make it worse. Some sheet masks that are heavy in serum aren't so great for oily skinned people, whereas anything with clay in it is not great for dry skinned people. 

3. They Do Not Replace Anything You Would Usually Use

Just because they are doused in serum, doesn't actually mean you should stop using your own. In the instructions for the Go-To sheet masks, you must cleanse and exfoliate your face before use, then once finished with the sheet mask then apply your regular serums and creams. Think of a sheet mask as a 'boost up' from your regular routine. 

4. It Works Like A Serum On Steroids

The mask is doused in diluted serum, but is released into the skin in a slower but much, much, more effective way. The mask lets the ingredients in the serum fully dissolve into the skin, with the top layer of the mask blocking the potential evaporation that can happen with a regular serum. 


So have a try with a sheet mask and tell us in the comments what you think about them below!